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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r31-i5gGpiI]Insurgency - Official launch teaser - YouTube[/ame]


About the Game

Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply in this multiplayer and cooperative Source Engine based experience. The follow-up game to the award-winning Source mod, Insurgency is highly competitive and unforgivingly lethal, striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.


Over 20 weapons with numerous attachments, no crosshair, and a focus on realistic weapon behavior including a free-aim system and intense suppression effects.

12 multiplayer and cooperative maps that take place in 6 distinctive environments ranging from Iraq to Afghanistan to Somalia.

5 multiplayer game modes supporting up to 32 players, with a focus on territorial control, destroying weapon caches and escorting high value targets.

2 cooperative game modes where you and your friends team up to complete mission-based objectives or defend an outpost against waves of swarming enemy.

Squad system built upon role-based player classes, which are customizable and asymmetrical based on what team you are on.

Squad-based communication system which includes 3D VOIP, allowing friendly and enemy players within proximity to hear you.

Overhead map detailing objective and teammate locations.

Accumulate supply to customize and upgrade your gear, affecting your weight, stamina, and movement speed.

Simplified HUD and UI for a clean, immersive user experience focused on the action and environments.

Highly immersive particle FX and audio to intensify the game experience.

Create custom maps and content using the Insurgency SDK and scripting system.

Playable on both PC and Mac OSX and supports multiplayer cross-compatibility.

Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux.

Multiplayer Game Modes:

Skirmish --- Five objectives that can be secured to prolong your team’s survival. Each objective that is secured provides your team with an additional reinforcement wave. However, each team has a weapons cache objective that when destroyed will cut off this reinforcement gain. Matches often become an epic tug of war as both teams struggle to gain control of objective areas and cut the opposing team’s supplies. The balance of momentum easily shifts based upon a team’s strategy, where a crucial flanking maneuver can lead your team to a swift victory.

VIP --- One team must escort their VIP player to the extraction point. Both teams only have one life per round, so coordination is paramount. The VIP is only armed with a silenced pistol, but can pick up a weapon from a fallen enemy or teammate.

Strike --- This attack and defend mode has three weapons caches that must be discovered and destroyed. Blowing up a cache brings additional reinforcement and time for the attackers, while the defenders lose a reinforcement wave.

Search & Destroy --- Identical to Strike’s objectives, however both teams only respawn when a cache is destroyed.

Firefight --- Three territorial objectives, one for each team, plus one neutral. A team only respawns when an objective is secured. A skilled team can win a match by eliminating their opponent in less than one minute, so every life counts.

Cooperative Game Modes

Checkpoint --- Complete mission-based objectives in sequence against AI enemy. Each successful objective will respawn anyone who was eliminated along the way.

Outpost --- Survive endless waves of swarming enemy attacking your team’s location.

Classic Game Modes

The popular modes Push and Battle are featured on ported versions of the original mod’s maps, including Buhriz and others in progress.

Για να μαζευομαστε σιγα-σιγα.

22/1 βγαινει και επισημα.

Το game το εχω λατρεψει πραγματικα μεχρι στιγμης.


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απο αυτά που διαβάζω, φαινεται καλύτερη επιλογή απτο cs go

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Στη θεωρία μοιάζει ενδιαφέρον, αλλά τα γραφικά και τα animations είναι κολημμένα στο 2009. Πιο σημαντικό, υποψιάζομαι ότι μόνο με καλή παρέα μπορείς να το απολαύσεις. Διαφορετικά, μάλλον θα περνάς το χρόνο κοιτώντας τα ραδίκια ανάσκελα ή ως τελευταίος επιζών από την ομάδα των lemmings.

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Pre-release Update - January 13, 2014 - Game Updates - NWI Forums

We've got a whopping 500mb update for you guys. We've revamped all our maps (except coop - that's next), balanced the hell out of the game, started integrating a more polished user interface, and much more. Use the testing discussion forums to post feedback, suggestions, and bugs. We will be monitoring them regularly and seeking to add as much polish as possible over the next 9 days. In the mean time, enjoy!

New Content

Updated user interface (kit selection, loading screen, HUD, fonts).

Updated every map.

Added new map: Peak Coop.

New HQ radio messages that brief you on your mission and notify you which objective has been captured/lost.

New diamond icon for squadmates and VIP that appears instead of the player name when you aren't looking directly at them.

New weapon cache icons to distinguish them from territorial control points.

Added Tracer Ammo upgrade. Green tracers added to insurgent weapons.

Various new and updated sounds.

New Server Settings

New map playlists: Tactical Operation (Firefight, VIP and Search & Destroy with no supply gain), Sustained Combat( Push, Skirmish, Strike with supply gain) and Cooperative.

Updated server.cfg to include these new playlists for servers to choose between.

Added support for text-based MOTD on the loading screen. Uses the same “motdfile” cvar as most Source games, default is motd.txt.

Added cvar “sv_hud_scoreboard_show_kd”. When disabled, it will remove the K:D column on both teams unless it's the end of round or game.

Added cvar “mp_supply_token_base” to determine starting supply.

Added game-state specific timers “mp_timer_pregame”, “mp_timer_preround”, “mp_timer_postround” and “mp_timer_postgame”.

Renamed “sv_deadchat” to “sv_deadvoice”.

Renamed “sv_deadtext” to “sv_deadchat” (now disabled by default).

Added “sv_deadchat_team” which, when enabled, allows dead players to use team-only text chat to communicate with the living.

Added “mp_coop_min_bot_difficulty” and “mp_coop_max_bot_difficulty” for Cooperative to scale between the two as the round gets closer to the end.

Added “mp_winlimit_coop” for coop-specific win limit, currently set to 1 so as soon as a team wins a map, they move on to the next level instead of repeating themselves.

Bots sprint around a little bit less, which results in them being more responsive overall.

Bots have been made more challenging - it doesn’t take that many to provide you with a real challenge.

Gameplay Improvements

Added new classes: Militant, Engineer and Bomber.

Weight system has been improved greatly so the gear you choose has a more realistic impact on your maneuverability.

Modified supply costs for various items in the game based on balance.

Added game mode specific squad structures.

Greatly improved reliability of the bipod on the game, fixed the bipod in/out animation as well as sounds, improved the third person positioning for bipod, and more misc. bipod improvements like automatically going into bipod if you go into iron sights with a surface to rest your weapon on (auto-deploy option set in Game Settings).

Added 5 seconds to the pre-round time so players have a bit more time to tweak their inventory before a round starts.

Cut 5 seconds off the pre-game time so players don’t have to wait as long on a new map for the round to start.

You can now select your squad slot with a single-click instead of requiring the user to double-click.

RPGs and AT4s are now limited to certain classes.

You can now only carry 1 RPG projectile.

AT4 rear sight is a bit easier to see through.

You can no longer shoot in the start game countdown clock.

Neutral territorial objectives are now white diamonds instead of circles.

Security and Insurgents now have team-specific round start music.

Flashlight is now off by default.

Suppressors no longer emit muzzle flashes.

You can no longer strafe while focusing.

Added random counter-attacks to Checkpoint after securing objectives.

Locked Cooperative at 6 players max so we can create a better experience with more difficult AI and reduced server bandwidth usage.

Bots now simulate recoil versus the artificial spread it used before.

Bots can now see leaning players and hit prone players.

Bots have a lower tolerance of going off target and having to re-aim (depending on difficulty).

Reduced bot vocal emote spam.

Bot quota should now get updated mid-game in Checkpoint so that if more people join as the round is ongoing, the amount of bots will adapt accordingly instead of waiting until the next round to readjust the quota.

Fixes and Optimization

Reduced bandwidth utilization by making some weapon events server-side only.

Fixed potential crash linked to chain-reaction explosions.

Fixed broken distant sounds.

Post-round music should now properly fade out at the beginning of a new round.

Being inside a smoke cloud should no longer make your whole screen opaque grey.

Holster empty plays on empty RPGs now.

Magazines should no longer disappear on the first reload when using a chest carrier.

Stopped chat history wiping once all messages had faded.

Auto-resizing of player name label for spectator mode.

Fixed some server tags displaying misleading info (e.g. nodeathmsgs indicating deathmsgs being on).

Added server tag for sv_hud_scoreboard_show_kd being disabled.

Fixed Siege overview not updating after changing maps from Peak.

Fixed player name buffer size in start of round VIP hint so it doesn’t get cut off.

Fixed bad weighting on some of the character models.

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ωραιες οι τελευταιες προσθήκες και του setup menu αλλα και το νεο map!

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Η θολουρα του youtube το αδικει παντως, για μενα εχει τα καλυτερα γραφικα που εχει βγαλει ποτε η πατσογρια source ( ok αλλο η source που ειχε το hl2 πριν 9 χρονια και αλλο η portal 2 build, και παλι ομως .... )

dear esther και fake factory δεν μετρανε γιατι ειναι single player, το παιχνδι ειναι πιο ευχαριστο με παρεα οντως, απο τα λιγα που ειναι προτιμοτερο να usarεις το in-game voice λογω 3D VOIP.

Kαι μπακουρης παντως μια χαρα περνας γιατι εχει καλο και ωριμο κοσμο, ( left 4 dead *γκουχ *γκουχ )δεν εχει μεταλια και ψηφιακους λουκουμαδες να ξεκλειδωσεις ουτε 12χρονα να σκουζουν στο μικροφωνο και να βαφτιζουν cheater οποιον ετυχε να τους σκοτωσει 2 φορες παραπανω,δεν εχει kill cam ουτε πουλαδες και λοιπες μπουρδες.

Για μενα ειναι το καλυτερο μειγμα simulator ( arma 2 ace mod ) με arcade-ιλας ( cod4 TDM ), δανειζεται στοιχεια απο αρκετους τιτλους χωρις ομως να παθαινει "κριση ταυτοτητας" χανοντας ετσι την επαφη με τις ριζες του και το βασικο κοινο ! (βλεπε ro2 un-realism mode )

Ηδη εχω 8 ατομα να παιζουν απο steam, οποιος θελει κο-κοπ [ totakeke ltd all rights reserved © ] ευχαριστως να τον κουβαλ..... συνοδευσω :p

edit : τωρα εβαλα το σωστο yt link, mea culpa :p

Edited by GruntGR

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400mb update !

New Content

New radial command menu for interacting with squad system (default bind is C).

All new third person weapon models.

New weapon: Mk18.

All new weapon and distant sounds.

Added in more HQ radio gameplay commands: “Last Man Standing”, “Restricted Area”, “Fall back (Push)”, “Low on Reinforcements”, “Out of Reinforcements”, “Objective Contested”, “Securing Objective” and “Objective Under Attack”

New loading screen with game mode information and map overview.

Gameplay Improvements

Updated maps (multiplayer and cooperative).

Made squads 8 and 8 (instead of 8-4-4).

You can now sprint, slide or jump through breakable glass.

If a capture is in progress in Push, it will prevent the round timer from ending the round when it expires.

Adjusted mouse input so you can no longer spin easily while prone.

Caches being destroyed now give off their own damage in addition to the damage dealt by the explosive taking it out.

Added a fade to black when players die.

Players and spectators go to the viewpoint after 5 seconds when the round ends instead of going instantly.

Added grenade auto-switch option which determines if the game should automatically switch your primary weapon after a grenade throw.

Added VIP preference setting to the game settings menu.

Lessened the intensity of trash particles so they get in the way of gameplay less.

Rocket launchers (AT-4 and RPG-7) now show on the player’s back when they’re not being used.

Cooperative and AI

Updated coop maps: Siege, Contact and District.

Added random counter-attack to Checkpoint in our effort to create more of a dynamic mission-driven Cooperative experience.

Raised the max coop lobbysize to 8. The default is still 6.

Bots can now detect/hit you if you are prone or leaning.

Bot spread is now affected by distance dynamically instead of being static.

Bots now simulate recoil.

Bots now go into cover if you shoot near them when they’re in the guard state.

Bots now go into cover if they are fully suppressed when in the attack state.

Bots now get more difficult as you progress through a round of Checkpoint (see “mp_coop_min_bot_difficulty” and “mp_coop_max_bot_difficulty”).

Bot team is no longer listed on the scoreboard.

Added a bunch of new gameplay related advanced bot settings as convars (all under “bot_*” in console).

Bots now investigate a bit more than previously, and move backwards around corners a little less.


All new weapon and distance sounds.

New explosion sound for when caches are destroyed.

Doubled the third person shot limit.

Added volume accumulation to weapons.

Updated subsonic whiz sounds.

Added death sounds.

New set of supersonic snap sounds.

Increased distance of bullet impact sounds and improved the falloff.

New bounce sound for grenades.

Reduced volume of ambient sound mixer.

User Interfaces

Kit UI: You can now access all your items from one screen with less mouse movement.

Kit UI: Added weapon upgrade lines highlighting attachment points.

Kit UI: Now tells you your class.

Kit UI: Fits better on 4:3.

Smoothed out the capture progress meter when multiple players are on a point.

Added voice/mute icons to the scoreboard.

Increased chat history length.

Made the scoreboard usable for 5:4 users.

Added HudHintText to clientscheme so that the hints display used by some admin plugins match the HUD a bit better.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

Fixed distance sounds.

Tracers come from the right place when in ADS.

Fixed laser sight in spectator.

Fixed a bug where weight and supply was not properly resetting when changing class.

Optimized explosions and impact FX, made small tweaks to impact FX.

Fixed a crash when looking up attachment names in the viewmodel.

Fixed a crash with the overhead map / squad menu.

Fixed crash playing back SourceTV demo.

Fixed a bug where melee damage with the knife was dealing damage every frame of the swing instead of once per swing like it should.

Fixed neutral cache icons.

Made scope texture use 1:1 aspect ratio so it doesn’t waste a load of pixels on nothing.

Fixed trash bag pile collision model so you no longer get stuck on them.

Shooting an RPG out of iron sights while moving no longer causes suicide.

Fixed HQ radio gameplay message volume being controlled by music volume.

Removed Content

We have temporarily removed Buhriz and Uprising from the game, so please remove them from your mapcycles. The reason they are removed is because we plan on bringing them up to the quality of the rest of our maps and re-releasing them at a later point in time. So don't worry, they are not being removed permanently, they are just being "revived" at a later point in time.


:D :D

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zVae_HssOM]Insurgency: Prerelease Beta - Revisited - YouTube[/ame]

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It's on !!

The Future of Insurgency.. Begins Now - News - NWI Forums

Frequent updates containing gameplay improvements, usability enhancements and bug fixes.

Major content updates every 1-2 months including new maps (original and classic from the mod), new weapons, and new features.

We will work with Valve to isolate some of the crashes we’ve been dealing with that seem to be issues with Source Engine and not our game code.

Continued support of our modding (theater scripting) and map-making community, with map contests, extra SDK content, and Workshop support.

New weapons (FN FAL, M-14, and more) as well as new weapon attachments (Grenade launchers, bipods, and more).

New characters with increased customization and more realistic variety depending on theater (Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia).

Full body awareness so the player can look down and see their body.

Cover system where going into iron sights dynamically peers over varying wall heights.

Vaulting system allowing players to quickly hurdle over low walls without jumping.

Increased stats support with global stat tracking and leaderboards.

New achievement sets to be released alongside these major content updates every 1-2 months.

A “Personal Items” menu from the Main Menu that allows you to track your achievement progress, see personal stats as well as upgrade personal sidearm.

Improved spectator support and features.

Steam Machine and Linux support.

Oculus (virtual reality) support.

Twitch API integration.

Save 10% on INSURGENCY on Steam - 12.5 ευρω !!!!

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6zUUASvEwU]Official Insurgency Launch Trailer - YouTube[/ame]


[/ame] Edited by wolves

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PeITyRG4_w]*ShakesPub* Insurgency- 1st Impressions & Feedback From Developers - YouTube[/ame]

(tactical) GOTY 2014 !

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLO4tYZ6uyc]Insurgency gameplay - A tactical and unforgiving FPS - My first reactions - YouTube[/ame]

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Hot Fix January 27 @ 12am PST - Game Updates - NWI Forums


Non-official servers can now set up a Matchmaking server with "sv_playlist" (coop, tacticalop, sustained).

Fixed Cooperative matchmaking and removed Outpost from it (until it is re-introduced).

Fixed crash when attacking someone with a knife.

Fixed crash when entering video options after changing resolution.

Took measures against the scoreboard crash by adding some extra checks against invalid avatar images.

Took measures against a map loading crash by validating the theater script before trying to set player speeds.

Took measures against a server crash related to max entity usage by making sure ragdoll and marker entities get cleaned up a little better.

The game now skips lag compensation on dead targets to save bandwidth.

Fixed ConVarRef ins_achievement_allow_cheats spam on the server.

Fixed weapon upgrade slots and pointers remaining after switching to an empty weapon slot.

Addon models should no longer draw when the player is dead, spectating or invalid.

Fixed a crash when loading a map without accompanying maps/[mapname].txt file, happening to custom mappers not familiar with our setup.

Gameplay Improvements

Reduced the damage weapon caches give off when they blow up.

Improved the death scream first person / distance sound system.

Slide now goes a little further, but a little slower so it’s a bit less jarring.

Fixed bug in SND and Strike where the Sharpshooter class on the Insurgents would receive a machine gun.

12 players is the new default minimum for 2 extractions in VIP (“mp_vip_single_point_max”).

Fixed collision issues in Siege near the Security spawn area.

Fixed being able to walk through the pillar models in Market on a Linux server.

Usability Enhancements

Enabled multi language support in the engine. If you are interested in helping us localize your language.

Added voice volume slider.

Matchmaking now tells you how many servers meet your criteria before you try and find a game.

Inventory weapon now rotates slightly based on mouse position in the Kit Selection UI.

Fixed chat text from being cut off.

Better chat subtitles for voice commands.

Fixed end-round lobby overlapping main menu and other menus.

Teammate diamonds no longer suddenly disappear from the corners of your screen.

If a new version comes out, it will now say “"Server is running different version of the game. Try updating or connecting to a more up-to-date server.” instead of “Server uses different class tables” so the average player is less confused.

Fixed end of round lobby on non-widescreen.

Fixed inventory screen on 16:10.

New Features

Added CRC checks when handling matchmaking to ensure purity in matchmaking servers.

New main menu tracks.

New Checkpoint feature where music plays if a counter-attack is started.

Added “Contact Coop” into the official Cooperative map cycle.

Added some new character variety for the Insurgents - new Fighter, Sapper and Machinegunner character skins.

Updated some SDK maps: VIP and Push.

Added srcds_run for Linux servers as a better option for running servers (supports auto-restart, debug log generation, etc.).

Added stat logging for “round win” and “cache destroyed”.

Training Level Improvements

Made the frag grenade window hole bigger.

Made the outside range targets pop when it’s time to shoot them.

Increased the size of the explosion detection trigger in the dumpster to avoid grenades not triggering the scene.

Fire multiple MoveTo events for the trainer to get back to the car during the second part of the attack.

Fixed the ending events not triggering properly.

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Καλα ο ηχος ποσο γαματος ειναι..Πιο ρεαλιστικος πεθαινεις...Το battlefield 4 ακουγεται λες και ακους κασετα του 1980 γραμμενη απο κασετοφωνο γυφτου μπροστα σε αυτην την ηχητικη πανδαισια.

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ενα free weekend θέλω για το συγκεκριμενο.

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Insurgency breaks into competitive scene, releases game update

Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: Insurgency

We have an exciting announcement regarding our competitive scene. As many have remarked, we have great potential as a competitive game. Well, ESL has taken notice, thanks to our fans requesting they add the game to its community. ESL will be running a tournament for Europeans,find out more information here.

Update February 5, 2014 - Game Updates - NWI Forums
Content & Features

Added global bans system allowing us to globally ban known hackers/exploiters of the game who ruin other peoples' gaming experiences or impersonate NWI developers. To report a suspected hacker/exploiter/impersonator, please go here.

Added VPK support to the game, which should improve loading times and allow servers to better determine the purity of clients connecting to servers.

Re-introduced "sv_pure" into the game. If set to 1 (default), it will verify the purity of the client's files but allow players to use custom models, skins, sounds, etc. If set to 2, it will enforce complete purity.

Weapon attachments are now visible on others' weapons.

Updated Heights, Heights (Coop), Contact, Ministry and Training.

Updated Search and Destroy game mode. Defenders get a single reinforcement wave instead of respawning when the attackers destroy one of their caches.

Added "Affirmative" and "Negative" radial commands so subordinates can better respond to their commanders.

Added 2 round burst to the UMP-45.

Added new suppressor models for both teams.

Added armor impact particle effects so players can better tell whether they hit someone in their armor or if they hit the flesh.

Added "Setup Microphone" option in Audio Options which allows people to set their mic volume.

Added a developer icon to the scoreboard next to the names of developers. There have been instances of players out there impersonating developers.. please do not take someone seriously as being a developer unless they have this developer tag next to their name in the scoreboard.

Added "hud_stream_friendly" convar which will remove various references to the current server name from the UI if you are streaming and do not want viewers to discover what server you're in.

Added community translations for German, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Simplified Chinese.


K:D is no longer shown if you are alive and outside your spawn area, so players can't use the K:D counter to determine if they got a kill or not. Players can still see their K:D when they are in their spawn, they are dead, or it's the end of the round/game.

Found and reduced an issue where the client and server would play two different player animations. The changes we've made should reduce hit-box misalignment and further improve hit detection.

The amount of magazines you get are now a bit more limited, so you have to actually take your mag capacity into some consideration.

Took measures to reduce accidental team-killing.

Reduced post-game timer so it is not quite as long before the map changes.

Improved slide some more based on feedback.

You can now discover a cache or a decoy cache site with the radial menu and line of sight instead of being forced to walk up to them.

Increased bot difficulty in Checkpoint (used to scale from 0-2, now it scales from 1-3)

Bots are now more selective when deciding whether to investigate or not. This reduces "herding" quite a bit.

You can no longer knife during round countdown.

Radial commands are now issued to your squad no matter where they are on the map, so voice in the game is synonymous with Voice Over IP.

You can now un-assign an objective as commander.

You can now escape the radial menu without choosing an option as a commander.

Radial voice commands are now affected by DSP.

Improved localization support for voice command subtitles.

Removed the "toggle floating HUD" default key bind so players don't accidentally hide their HUD and not know why their navigation is gone.

Added a default bind for tactical map - set to "n".

Tracers now come from the right position in third person.

Improved M16 world model texture.

Set the maximum FOV setting to 110.

Fixed left arrow on selection options in the main menus that have more than 2 settings.

Some subtle Kit UI improvements including some overlap fixes for 16:10.

Some Vote UI improvements.

"Impending attack" music in Push, SND and Strike will now only play on the first round of a game instead of every round.

Disabled "X attacked a teammate" messages in the server console for damage caused by bots.


Fixed "no free edicts" server crash.

Fixed infinite loop / "Alarm Clock" crash on Linux servers.

Took measures against mass kill hacks.

Disabled setinfo name so hackers can't change their name to avoid detection and voteban.

Optimized the blood impact particle more to hopefully reduce crashing when being shot up.

Redid Avatar implementation on scoreboard, hopefully reducing crashes people are getting related to the scoreboard.

Removed redundant ability entities, which should free up some network traffic.

Fixed an exploit in S&D and Strike where commanders could mark undiscovered caches, displaying the "attack" indicator on the bottom objective display if the cache location exists.

Precached a bunch of radial menu/marker materials so there is no more slowdown when players set a waypoint.

Fixed auto-switchteams functionality.

Removed semi-automatic fire mode option for MP-40.

Fixed ambient generic environment sounds that were not playing.

Fixed kill count in Cooperative.

Fixed reference pose bug which was caused by switching to your knife during a prone transition.

Fixed grenades not colliding with the vphysics block in Training.

Fixed a bug in Checkpoint where counter-attack music would occasionally play at the end of a round.

Voting Changes

Added a convar "sv_vote_kick_min_voters" for server operators to determine how many vote kicks a player needs to receive in order for a vote kick to actually start. We have set the default to 2.

If a player leaves/disconnects while being accused of hacking or trolling, they should no longer be able to escape the ban.

In order to pass a nextlevel vote, 55% of the server must vote and the vote must simply be the majority.

In order to vote kick an idle player, 20% of the server must vote and the vote must simply be the majority.

In order to vote ban an excessive team killer for 10 minutes of cooling off, 25% of the server population must vote and there has to be at least 2x as many Yes votes as No votes in order for the vote to pass.

In order to vote ban someone who is trolling for an hour, 40% of the server population must vote and there has to be at least 2x as many Yes votes as No votes.

In order to vote ban someone who appears to be hacking for 4 hours, 60% of the server population must vote and there has to be at least 2x as many Yes votes as No votes.

All of the above are setup as server-side convars (listed in greater detail below), so let us know what you find to be the most effective.

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Update Feb. 7, 2014 - Game Updates - NWI Forums

We are deploying an update tonight to address some issues that have come up, as well as incorporate a few new things that we are pretty excited about. See the changelist below:

  • Fixed sv_pure not working as intended.
  • Added new vocal responses such as "reloading", "frag out", etc. as well as a suppressed variation for each response so you can tell by someone's tone whether they are under fire or not. These automatic voice responses will be heard by your team only so as not to give your position away.
  • Reduced instances of hitbox misalignment in cooperative especially.
  • Removed blood effects from when you are being attacked. We believe these blood impact particles emitting on your dying ragdoll could have been contributing to some of the crashes people have been experiencing. If you crash a lot when being shot at, please try this change and see if it helps.
  • Properly implemented the backblast and rocket trail particles for the RPG-7 / AT-4.
  • In Cooperative the probability a counter-attack will occur will now be based on how many players on your team are alive. For example, if your whole team is alive, it is more likely, and if only a small fraction of the team is alive, it is a lot less likely.
  • Added in "ready" animations for the first time you load a weapon.
  • The fire in Contact should now hurt players close to it.
  • Fixed "draw" animations not playing.
  • Tweaked bot amount/difficulty.
  • Adjusted and improved the bot audio.
  • You should now be able to select languages other than English in Insurgency's game properties on Steam.

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We have addressed a few issues which we believe is worthy of a hot fix. The main things that we've done are fixed our global ban system for all operating systems and reduced some audio spam, which has been a pretty common piece of feedback we've received since a bunch of the new response rules went in. See the changelist below for more details:

Fixed global ban system on OS X / Linux.

"Being suppressed" response rules are now only played if your player is fully suppressed, not just "a little bit" suppressed.

You must now be a closer distance to teammates in order for the response rules to be used.

Removed certain responses that seemed out of place, confusing, or slightly overkill.

Added a 10 second delay before the attacking team advances their spawns in Push. This gives defenders some time to properly retreat instead of becoming instantly restricted.

Added convar "mp_push_deferred_advance" for adjusting the delay on the above. The value is the number of seconds it takes before the spawns advance.

In Checkpoint, the forward spawn zones are not enabled until the counter-attack is finished, so players can no longer consistently re-arm while defending.

Added convar "mp_checkpoint_counterattack_always" to always trigger the counter-attack round after each territorial capture. Value represents the number of players needed for it to trigger.

Reduced frequency of HQ radio commands when objective is contested, reinforcements are low, or you are the last man standing.

Fixed the occasional class that is listed as "Sharpshooter" but contains a "Machinegunner" kit.

Fixed "IsEcho" response rule, which should fix missing voice lines for radial menu commands.

Small update to Contact (multiplayer) map.

Scoreboard and squad menu can now be opened during demo playback.


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