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OCZ Vector 180 SSD Review (in English)

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Today, there is nothing common about our torture subject. No, ladies and gentlemen. Today we have a drive of noble ancestry which will have to work hard to fill the shoes of its predecessor.


OCZ, in the course of renewing its consumer SSD line, is replacing the successful Vector 150 with the new OCZ Vector 180.


So, what is it with all the naked cables, the lightning and general mayhem in the image? Just a marketing stunt?




No, definitely not! They are related to a new function of the OCZ Vector 180 which sets it apart from its predecessor. And what would that be, you might ask. Yeah, right, like I would tell you everything in the introduction!



So, let us begin with the torture, because as the saying goes, when the going is tough, good SSDs get going! Or something to that effect.


And first of all, Anatomy 101!

Click here to read the review

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Πολύ καλό το review και επιτέλους κατάλαβα την διαφορά του 150 με τον 180.

Το μόνο θέμα είναι πως η τιμή του στην ελληνική αγορά είναι τσιμπημένη σε σχέση με τους υπόλοιπους δίσκους που κοίταγα στα 240-256GB.

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