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Hotfix, Development Roadmap.

- Can now put out people and yourself on fire

- Server leaderboards now fixed
- Won't die as often swimming to board other ships

We also thought it would be a good time to share a roadmap.


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Patch 2.21 - Leveling Overhaul - Live


2.21 introduces major changes to the leveling curve and also introduces the ability to prestige once you reach level 100

XP you've earned so far has not been reset, and some of you may be able to prestige multiple times after this update.

The prestige hasn't fully been implemented yet but 2.3 changes will flesh this out a lot more.


Currently it seems it may take to long to prestige to the next badge, so changes will come in the next update.


This is only a small fraction of what is on the way for the full 2.3 patch!
In other news the minimum votes to mutiny on an undercrewed small ship bottoms out at 4.


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Patch 2.3 Live


- Fixed bug where XP gained after prestiging would not show until level 4.
- Avatars are now shown in win screen but can be filtered off to never show that specific persons if offensive (In addition to complete censoring in game settings)
- Win screen length has been extended to a minute to give more of a break and discussion about the match
- ADDED completely new weapon shooting sound effects and should be a bit more distinct as to what weapon is being used
- ADDED new sounds for melee impacts
- You will now be able to highlight a medal to show off in win screen and player profile by clicking on it in stats
- Clicking on a player's name will now show a profile with their own stats and highlighted medal

- The right cabin starboard cannon of the hoy has been realigned to be properly parrallel like the rest of the cannons
- Captains being less vulnerable to cannonfire now applies to ship wheel use only
- Kickstarter badge button visibility has been fixed for backers
- Leave button has been moved to the bottom of the esc menu

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Patch 2.32 Live - Cannons, Ice, Volcanoes & More!



Full patch notes for 2.32:
- Cannon aiming overhauled. Now requires distance to be set with the scroll wheel and you must fight the waves with a verticle reticle.

- When a spyglass views an enemy ship it will become visible with range in the Q menu to everyone for 20 seconds. Spotting a ship awards 200 points.

- Cannon fuse delay severely reduced.
- Server owners can now place a 500x80 Banner.jpg file in the directory to show on connect. The smaller the file size the better.
- Server owners can now create and edit a welcome message (Run the server to generate ServerMessage.txt template).
- New arctic environment containing patches of sharp ice that will damage your ship.
- New volcano environment that... well, you'll see.
- Two handed axe melee weapon has been added
- Boarding pike melee weapon has been added
- Spyglass third person animations added
- Heartbeat sound to indicate you're bleeding out
- You no longer bleed from fall damage
- Music slider influences menu music
- Cannon medal should track, note that it is kills and not hits.
- Current rank badge icon is shown during levelup
- 1v1 is now schooners
- Intermission reduced to 40 seconds


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