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Only $44!!!Xiaomi MiJia Sonic Electric Toothbrush DDYS01SKS IPX7 Waterproof APP Once Charge for 18-day Usage

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Hello everyone!

SALE!!Xiaomi MiJia Sonic Electric Toothbrush DDYS01SKS IPX7 Waterproof APP Once Charge for 18-day Usage

With coupon CSTXMBRS the price will be only $44!

Lasting time: 2017.8.24-2017.9.30





Mi acoustic electric toothbrush smile & confidence. Brushing seems ordinary, but have a great impact on our lives, good brushing habits not only make our lives more healthy, but also give us confidence. How to make teeth more healthy, how to make our smile confident? Today, let this toothbrush give you a new answer! Good toothbrush should meet the following 4 rules: clean, healthy, smart, intimate. A powerful electric toothbrush, high performance magnetic suspension sound motor, will bring strong cleaning effect to the teeth.

Mi acoustic wave electric toothbrush, efficient power, brush clean
High performance magnetic suspension sound motor, high density non-rust metal-free brush head
Various customized of brushing patterns, brushing posture recognition and report
31000 times/s vibration, 230gf.cm torque output
A smart electric brush,3 handle modes, free choices, app control, personalized brushing way
Once charge for 18 days, APP power display, safe and convenient charging base, universal USB interface
Integrated simple body, ipx7 waterproof, functional and beautiful
Back anti-skid bumps, safe, prevent slipping, seamless switch button, no toothpaste block
User-friendly charging base, automatic homing, bottom replaceable color, one color for one person

Brand: Xiaomi
Name: Mi Electric Toothbrush
Model: DDYS01SKS
Color: White
L 187.5 mm, Φ28.5 mm
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 2W
Waterproof grade: IPX7
Charging time: 700mAh, 12 hours or more(Once charge for 18 days)
Product dimensions Oval, 65 mm x 40 mm
Charging mode: Inductive charging; Safe Sealed Charging Block

Product/Package Size/Weight:
Product Size: Approx. 18.7 * 2.8 * 2.8cm / 7.3 * 1.2 * 1.2in
Product Weight: Approx. 295g / 10.32oz
package Size: Approx. 21.1 * 13.5 * 4.2cm / 8.3 * 5.3 * 1.6in
package Weight: Approx. 380g /13.3oz

Package Lists:
Toothbrush Handle / Power Shaft Protective Cover
Color Ring / Charging Base / Brush Head
Brush Protection Cover / User Manual





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