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ADSL router!

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Level-One FBR-1416A ADSL router.

Key Features:

-ADSL modem & Broadband Router W/4-port switch

-Auto-sense 10/100Mbps connection speed with Half/Full Duplex mode and auto MDI/MDIX detection on all ports

-Supports PPTP, L2TP and IPSec VPN pass through

-Supports PPPoE, IPoA and PPPoA

-DHCP server allocates up to 253 client IP addresses

-URL filter, Access Control, Local Password

-Supports Virtual Server (Port Forwarding)

-Web-based Management

-Firewall protects against DoS attacks

-Logs and E-mail alert

Ειναι σχεδον αχρησιμοποιητο στο κουτι του με εγγυηση.

Τιμη 25 για να φυγει. Pm me!

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