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Παρθενο kit 2 x 512MB OCZ PC-3500 EL Gold Edition Gamers eXtreme (GX) / Dual Channel

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Πωλειται "παρθενο" kit-ακι μνημων 2 x 512MB OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 / 433MHz / Gold Gamer eXtreme Edition / Dual Channel (PC 3500 512MB EL DUAL CH Gold Edition GX) αχρησιμοποιητο αφορετο, ανεγγιχτο.



> 1GB (2x512) D/C Kit PN: OCZ4331024ELDCGEGX-K

> 433MHz DDR

> Timings CL 2-2-2-5 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)

> Unbuffered

> Gold Layered Copper Heatspreader

> OCZ Lifetime Warranty

> 2.8 Volts

> 184 Pin DIMM

Special Features


OCZ EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) is a feature that allows performance enthusiasts to use a VDIMM of 3.1V ± 5% without invalidating their OCZ Lifetime Warranty.

ULN (Ultra Low Noise) technology uses various printed circuit board (PCB) techniques to reduce the amount of electrical noise that is present in all high-speed ICs. This results in faster and more stable memory.

Τιμή 160 ευρω

ΥΓ. Συμβατες με τις περισσοτερες μητρικες μετα-Nforce 2 εποχης


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