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WoW Account με Hunter 70 / Shaman 64 / Priest 60

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ινω αυθεντικα τα games World of Warcraft και το burning crusade μαζι με τα cd-keys και full account!

Μαζι με τα αυθεντικα παιχνιδια και τα cd-keys ,δινω και το account μου στο Europe Realm Genjuros ,που περιεχει εναν Male Tauren Hunter lvl 70 Engineering 356 / mining 375,εναν Male Troll Shaman lvl 64 jc 218 / Enchanting 334 και μια Female Troll Priest lvl 60 LW 300 / Skining 300.

Το account περιεχει πολλα mule lvl κατω του 20 με πολλα items και 470 golds.

O hunter εχει flight mount common και epic mount, ολα τα heroic keys απο outland ,και εχει κανει το prequest για karazaan.Επισης εχει πολυ καλη φημη στον Genjuros .

Shaman και priest εχουν common mounts.

You are bitting in a WoW Account in Europe Realm (Genjuros) ,that contains a Tauren Male Hunter Level 70 Engineering 356 / Mining 375 ,Heroic Keys for all dungeons in Outland and decent gear that include:

* Beast Lord Helm

* Natasha's Choker

* Towering Mantle of the Hunt

* Cloak of Impulsiveness

* Salvager's Hauberk

* Shackles of Quagmirran

* General's Chain Gloves

* Blessed Scale Girdle

* Outland Striders

* Conquerer's Band

* Lightwarden's Band

* Bladefist's Breadth

* Blackhand's Breadth

* Sonic Spear

* Volanos' Longbow

He is also have epic mount and Common Fly Mount.

a Troll Male Shaman Level 64 Jewelcrafting 218 / Enchanting 334, common mount, and a Troll Female Priest Level 60 Leatherworking 300 / Skinning 300,common mount .Also contains some under 20 level characters.

There are many mule items and 469 Gold in the Account.

Τιμη 200 ευρω

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Δεν παιζει κανεις WoW?ΚΑντε μια προσφορα καπου εκει και παρτε το.Δεν μπορω να μπαινω στον πειρασμο να παιξω...

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