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  • Πολεμικό Τανκ ή αλλιώς ASUS Sabertooth P67

    The new SABERTOOTH P67 is the latest addition to the ASUS TUF Series, incorporating the just-released Intel P67 chipset with support for next generation Intel CPUs. With high temperatures remaining the leading cause of hardware breakdown and performance reduction, the TUF SABERTOOTH P67 optimizes

    [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]output through several new innovative technologies, including the Thermal Armor and Thermal Radar, which offer stronger heat combating. As with the entire TUF Series, the SABERTOOTH P67 uses materials and components that are tested to much higher standards than mainstream models through a series of rigorous trials. These exacting stress tests are designed to guarantee unmatched endurance for heavy-duty applications. The motherboard also ships with new DIGI+ VRM all-digital power controls for more precise power tuning and system stability.


    Total airflow-boosting heat dissipation

    The ASUS Thermal Armor constitutes one of the main new cooling technologies the SABERTOOTH P67 uses. This involves a thermally-optimized shell that covers the majority of the motherboard to protect it from the heat produced by connected cards and components, as well as promote faster dissipation of heat generated by the motherboard itself. With its integrated baffle design re-routing cool air to every critical part of the board, the Thermal Armor improves airflow to reduce temperatures by up to 13%, leading to increased reliability and a longer product lifespan, so users can rely on the SABERTOOTH P67 for extended professional use. This represents the first time ever a thermal protection technology of this kind has been implemented in any motherboard.

    Real time temp detection and fan speed adjustments

    Also included in the new design are twelve embedded sensors ASUS has dubbed the Thermal Radar. They serve to provide accurate real time temperature monitoring in critical parts of the motherboard. The SABERTOOTH P67 uses these readings to adjust CPU cooler and case fan speeds as required. Through a friendly graphical interface, users can adjust temperatures both by selecting preset profiles and manually customizing fan performance based on their specific usage conditions and needs. Either way achieves a better cooling environment for the entire system.

    Only the best materials and components

    Like other TUF motherboards, the SABERTOOTH P67 uses the most heat-resistant and durable materials and components. Military-standard certified TUF components and the motherboard itself are tested extensively during development to ensure they can withstand great stress and survive in very harsh, high-intensity environments. ASUS guarantees the SABERTOOTH P67 to full server-grade endurance, backing it up with a comprehensive 5-year warranty* that ensures it offers the best long term computing value possible.

    Digital power revolution creates better system stability

    Leaving the constraints of analog design behind, the SABERTOOTH P67 grants users increased flexibility and improved power efficiency by doubling power control and supply precision.

    It ships with exclusive ASUS DIGI+ VRM power modulation, which comes with an interface that allows users to make adjustments to the power phase delivery of the board. DIGI+ VRM can also be set to auto-tune for totally hands-off management. This results in greater power efficiency and longer component lifespan.

    *Terms and conditions apply. For additional warranty information, check www.asus.com


    Socket LGA 1155 for Intel

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