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    The Nexus Prominent 5 and 9 case is a premium chassis for a silent computer. With its toolless installation features it is a breeze to install your components or change your set-up. And the sleek professional look and materials make the case fit in anywhere.
    [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]A black mesh front and aluminium edges give the Prominent 5 a distinguished look. And the black interior.... well.... that is just great looking....
    Excellent case silent fans.
    A 14cm is fitted on the ceiling and a 12cm is fitted as air intake in the front. Some isolating padding where the PSU is placed prevents resonance. And there are ventilation holes (and room for a fan) in the bottom of the case for air-intake and the thick rubber feet keep these elevated from the floor to make a smooth airflow possible and eliminate resonance. Check out all the great features....
    Noise absorption
    The Nexus Prominent cases are fitted with some noise absorption material we really love. It is a premium dense foam/rubber-like material with great characteristics. We fitted a flat layer on the panel behind the motherboard and a nice wave foam layer on the other panel. These materials surely hush your system.
    Toolless installation
    Practically all components can be mounted inside the case without tools. PCI-lots and Optical drives are fixed with toolless solutions.
    HDD-tray with vibration absorbers
    And especially the HDD trays are very convenient. You just need to squeeze the tray to be able to pull out the hard disk or place it back. Plus the HDD's mounting is fitted with rubber to reduce resonance and vibration. However we did make sure that the HDD's have grounding with the case.
    Some nice padding on the areas where normally the PSU would hit the chassis. We have attached some patches on the bottom of the case and a little frame around the PSU opening at the back of the case. These 'bumpers' are made form soft foam/rubber-like materials and absorb and vibration caused by the PSU and prevents this resonance to be transmitted to the chassis.


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