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Found 1 result

  1. The UMIDIGI A15 series and G5 series are set to be officially released in the third quarter. The A15 series comprises A15 and A15C, which belong to UMIDIG's mainstream smartphones, while the G5 series includes G5, G5C, and G5A. G5 and G5C are categorized as mid-range smartphones, while G5A falls into the entry-level category. These series boast numerous upgrades in terms of both specifications and design when compared to the A13 series and G3 series. The UMIDIGI A15 series and G5 series boast a shiny design that will draw numerous attention from fans. They both have 5 color variants: Space Gray, Graphite Black, Pearl White, Jade Green, and Lavender Purple. In terms of their eye-catching aesthetics, both the A15 series and G5 series sport an AG matte compost material design for the back panel that looks good and feels premium. Moreover, the matte finish at the back ensures that it doesn’t catch smudges or fingerprints easily. They both adopted a glass-like finish at the top of the phone which produces a radiant effect that reflects varying lights depending on the surroundings. The A15 series and G5 series have extremely thin edges, measuring 8.6mm (A15 series) and 8.8mm (G5 series), offering a super comfortable hand grip. As for the displays, the A15 and A15C are equipped with an impressive 6.7” HD+ display, while the G5 and G5C feature a relatively smaller 6.6” HD+ display. On the other hand, the G5A boasts a 6.52” HD+ display. Meanwhile, the super slim bezels on all 4 sides enhance the content viewing experience as the visuals look bigger. One important feature to mention is that the G5 and G5C are equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth scrolling on the phone. The A15 series boasts a triple camera setup at the back, featuring a 64MP primary lens (A15), a 48MP primary lens (A15C), an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP macro lens. On the other hand, both G5 and G5C share the same dual camera setup, including a 50MP primary lens and a 2MP depth lens. Meanwhile, the entry-level G5A comes equipped with a 13MP primary lens and a 2MP depth lens, making it an excellent choice due to its impressive picture-taking capabilities and attractive price. The primary 64MP, 50MP, and 48MP lenses performed superbly, capturing vibrant shots in both daylight and low-light conditions. The pictures were filled with intricate details, and the colors appeared remarkably authentic. The A15 features a 16MP selfie camera at the front, while the A15C, G5, and G5C have an 8MP selfie camera, all capable of capturing perfect selfies. These cameras maintain focus on the subject with the background elegantly blending into the background, making group selfies a breeze. Moreover, the skin tones appear natural, and for those who desire Instagram-ready pictures, there are in-built filters available. The A15 is equipped with the powerful Unisoc T616 chipset, seamlessly integrated into its sleek exterior. The SoC performs exceptionally well, effortlessly handling day-to-day tasks, including gaming. A15C and G5, on the other hand, are powered by the reliable Unisoc T606, delivering smooth performance and efficient battery usage for everyday tasks. Whether it's loading apps or running multiple apps simultaneously in the background, you can expect smooth operation. G5C and G5A are equipped with MTK G36 and MTK A22 respectively, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience during usage. The A15 offers a generous 8+8GB extended RAM and 256GB of storage, providing ample space to store whatever you need. As for the A15C, G5, and G5C, they all share the same 128GB storage, which allows for storing a vast amount of videos and pictures. They are equipped with 8+8GB, 8+8GB, and 4+4GB extended RAM respectively, ensuring smooth performance during usage. As an entry-range smartphone, the G5A comes with 4+4GB extended RAM and 64GB ROM, which is sufficient to meet basic needs for users who do not require extensive photo storage. When it comes to battery life, both the A15 series and G5 series are equipped with a 5000mAh long-lasting battery, capable of supporting 10 days of standby time, 8 hours of video streaming, and 14 hours of web browsing. The subtle difference between these five models lies in their charging capabilities. The A15 features 20W fast charging, whereas the other four models come with 10W fast charging. The aforementioned smartphones are specifically designed to cater to different user needs, making them favorable choices for you. For more information, please visit UMIDIGI.
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