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Καινούργιες εκδόσεις (Haya)

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DirectX Update February 2010

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

uTorrent 2.0 Stable

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Defraggler 2.09.391

- Added Defrag Time Remaining.

- Improved formatting of Smart data.

- Smart data can now be copied.

- Updated support for McAfee Endpoint Encryption.

- Performance improvement on Windows 8.

- Improved accuracy of SSD detection.

- Improved unicode support for export file list.

- Fixed issued that caused the Benchmark button to disappear.

- Benchmarking info is now included in the export file list.

- Improved usability in Options dialog.

- Added Latvian language.

- Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware

* Added a new autorun location for behavior monitoring.

* E2: Improved exploit detection for MS Word files.

* E2: Improved scan of PDF files (multiple possible exploit infections are handled)

* E2: Minor internal changes.

* Minor GUI modifications for better support of the large fonts.

* Support for offline installations added. License verification and update can be skipped now.

* Improved memory management.

* Changed default view settings on host rules list.

* Improved renewal notifications when license is about to end soon.

* Online update crash in the commandline scanner – fixed.

* Problem when saving application rules and whitelist items – fixed.

* Display bug on the number of used signatures – fixed.

* Bug in refreshing the license details during online update – fixed.

* Bug: Old license dialog appears after last beta update – fixed.

* Bug when deleting application rules – fixed.

* Minor changes in order processing.

* Updated copyright year in footer.

* Program restart notification loop when updating Explorer context menu modules – fixed.

* Improved dynamic disk support in routine used for converting file paths from device to human readable format.

* Localization bug in submit notification popups – fixed.

* Improved date-time conversion routine for correct handling of different date formats.

* Improved data validation during scans to avoid potential crashes.

* Problems when trying to scan non-supported paths via Explorer context menu – fixed.

* Minor problem when refreshing license details – fixed.

* Localization bug in email scanning plugins – fixed.

* Incorrect label in logs for automatically quarantined items – fixed.

* Minor improvements in skinning feature.

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Speccy 1.15.309

- Added list of Admin Shares.

- Added Simple File Sharing detection.

- Added Firewall rules to Network.

- Improved detection of OCZ SSD drives.

- Improved detection of ATI graphics cards.

- Fixed bug on XP caused by disabled IPv6.

- Added keyboard support to the Find dialog.

- Updated hardware compatibility list.

- Minor bug fixes.

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* Copy / Paste out of PDFs

* Select All from PDFs

* Ability to drag PDF out of a note via the Evernote PDF Reader

* Bug Fix for PDF rendering issue

* Search for keywords in PDFs. Find (ctrl+F) is still in progress

* Improvements to Simplify Formatting

* Bug Fix for Evernote not launching from Taskbar

* Find for PDFs (ctrl+F) for both text and PDF

* Finnish language added

* Fixed yellow highlighting issue

* Checkbox option to print all pages of PDF. If left unchecked, only the first page of the PDF will print. This is available under Tools >> Options

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