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3DMark06/05/03 & PCMark05 Hotfix

The hotfix updates the following:

* Updated GPU core/memory clock detection library for enhanced compatibility and support for new hardware

* New files are:

o Direcpll.dll (

o Entech.sys (

o Entech64.sys (

This hotfix applies for the following Futuremark benchmarks:

* 3DMark06 Build 1.1.0

* 3DMark05 Build 1.3.0

* 3DMark03 Build 3.6.0

* PCMark05 Build 1.2.0

Note: This hotfix only improves GPU core/memory clock detection library for enhanced compatibility and support for new hardware, and does not affect any results.

A new full install for 3DMark06 Build 1.1.0 with the hotfix included will soon be available.

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Για όσους έχουν δυο κάρτες ήχου (mobo + κάτι άλλο) τα παρακάτω ίσως τους φανούν χρήσιμα: https://www.raymond.cc/blog/easily-change-or-switch-the-default-audio-sound-output-in-windows-vista-and-xp/ Π

Monitoring Core Temp 1.0 RC3 Real Temp 3.70 Motherboard Monitor MBM + MBM update 2 SpeedFan 4.46 Rivatuner Core 2 Duo Temperature Monitor Plugin HWMonitor 1.19 Notebook Hardware Contro

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TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.0.7

Revision History

* Added Update Checker

* Improved Shader Detection for ATI cards

* Added support for future ATI GPUs

* Various other improvements to detection code

μα καλα αυτοι δεν διαβαζουν ΟΟFS? :D

στην εκδοση 7 φτασαμε και ακομα δεν ανοιγει :brutal008:

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TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.0.8

Revision History

* Added numerous new ATI and NVIDIA devices

* Fixed crashes on older NVIDIA driver versions.

* Improved ATI driver version detection for Vista and XP

* Corrected ROP/Shader readings on ATI and NVIDIA

* Removed unintended E-Mail requirement for validation upload

* Validation is only possible with the latest version of GPU-Z

* Fixed double memory clock readings on pre-GeForce 7 cards

* Updater will actually open new browser window when requested to do so

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SpeedFan 4.34 beta 31

SpeedFan 4.34 beta 31 is online! This beta includes a huge amount of new code and of code rewritings. It fixes the crash on some DFI motherboards and properly identifies one revision of the IT8705F chip. There is a lot of code to improve nVidia support. Intel CORE temperatures should now properly work on all systems. Added support for the SMBus available on several new SouthBridges. Added support for new chips. Added preliminary CPU identification routines needed to better support new hardware. Added a new setting to see Intel Core temperatures in a RELATIVE or ABSOLUTE way and DTS reading on all Intel CPUs that support it.


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TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.1.0

Revision History

* Added preliminary support for Intel

* Added Shader Model readout

* Fixed ATI RV6xx clocks reading

* Fixed report submission on Windows XP 64-bit

* When submitting a bug report, a problem description is required.

* Improved ATI BIOS reading code

* Shortened BIOS string to fix window in some instances

* Added end ellipses to certain display fields

* Fixed crashes when using NVAPI

* Fixed lost handles when using NVAPI

* Fixed memory type detection for G84, G86, G92

* Improved NVIDIA BIOS reading code

* Subvendor BFG Tech now correctly named

* Numerous adjustments to pipe/shader configurations on both ATI and NVIDIA

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ATI Tool 0.27 beta 3

- Full Vista and XP64 support

- Support for all ATI RV6xx ASICs

- No changes to R600 support in this build

- Better support for multiple adapters

- Latest NVIDIA non-WHQL drivers with some G8x cards not supported

- Better handling of clock step sizes

- Fixed vertex/pixel/unified shader reporting

- Added detection for about 20 older and newer ATI ASICs

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Fraps 2.9.3

- Fixed crash in DX10 games when AA enabled

- Fixed sound sync/length issue when 29.97 option used

- Improved video capture smoothness on slower hard drives

- Fixed LCD output displaying wrong resolution for DX10 games

- Fixed Run Fraps when Windows starts option under Vista

- Added support for DX8 SwapChains

- Reduced delay between split AVIs

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