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    TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE & T-CREATE Takes Home Four Awards at 2024 Red Dot Design Award

      Taking the World Stage by Storm & Reaching New Heights

    Team Group Inc. has been committed to developing a wide range of memory products for years and has received international recognition for long-term efforts. Today, TEAMGROUP proudly announces that the gaming label and creator label, T-FORCE and T-CREATE, have taken home four awards from the Red Dot Design Award 2024 for the T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD Cooler, T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler, T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 Desktop Memory, and T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 External SSD. The success is a testimony to TEAMGROUP’s outstanding R&D capability and incredibly innovative designs, which have once again propelled new heights on the stage of a world-class design award.


    One of the four most prestigious design awards in the world, the Red Dot Design Award of Germany is an important indicator of industrial design and development trends around the world. The Red Dot received thousands of submissions from over 60 countries in 2024, all vying for the highly influential award. Submissions are judged by a panel of experts, hailing from all over the world, on their innovation, solution, product, design, and concept. TEAMGROUP sub-labels, T-FORCE and T-CREAT, stood out with stellar R&D and quality designs, adding to TEAMGROUP’s illustrious history.


    To overcome heat from high-speed transmissions with PCIe Gen5 SSD, TEAMGROUP has launched two perfect solutions: the T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD Cooler and T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler. The AirFlow I employs TEAMGROUP’s patented【1 】ultra-thin graphene heat sink technology, and highly conductive thermal materials to dissipate heat, ensuring high-speed performances over a long period. The T-FORCE SIREN GD120S is a unique all-in-one (AIO) water cooler【2】 for SSDs and is equipped with precision aluminum alloy dual-tube water blocks with an ARGB PWM fan to cool down SSDs and offer personalized lighting designs. The two cooling solutions allow consumers to enjoy PCIe GEN 5 SSDs to their fullest extent.


    T-FORCE DARK AirFlow I SSD Cooler.jpgT-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler.jpg


    The T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 Desktop Memory delivers powerful overclocking up to frequencies of 8200 MHz with its exclusive patented IC grading verification technology【3】, pushing the boundaries of DDR5 memory frequencies. It also uses a 2mm aluminum alloy heat spreader for perfect cooling, exhibiting both the hardness and durability of basalt and the delicate texture of a black sand beach, paired with the iconic T-FORCE emblem, ensuring gamers enjoy overclocking and exquisite craftsmanship simultaneously.


    T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 Desktop Memory.jpg


    Designed for professional photographers, the T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 External SSD can be perfectly paired with the cages of professional cameras, digital SLR cameras, or mobile phones. The twelve patented【4】 screw holes allow the CinemaPr P31 External SSD to be secured onto any cages from multiple sides. The SSD supports USB Type-C interfaces, enabling transmissions to reach up to 2,000 MB/s, and offers ample storage for various coding formats【5】. With the CinemaPr P31 External SSD, creators can capture every brilliant moment in motion.TEAMGROUP is committed to meeting industry and consumer needs by adapting innovative technologies to environmental changes and market demands, aiming to deliver reliable and diverse solutions, and showcasing excellent designs on the international stage.


    T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 External SSD-black.jpgT-CREATE CinemaPr P31 External SSD-titanium.jpg




    【1】US Invention Patent (Patent Number: US11051392B2) & Taiwan Innovation Patent (Patent Number: I703921)

    【2】Taiwan Innovation Patent Number: I778726

    【3】Taiwan Innovation Patent Number: I751093; US Invention Patent Number: US11488679B1

    【4】Taiwan Utility Model Patent: M653609                     

    【5】Large files in ProRes, ProRes RAW, and RAW formats

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