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Celeronius 1&2


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CPU: Celeron 2,4Ghz 128K 400MHz FSB - 28-35C

Μνημη: DDR400 256MB

Motherboard: Asus P4S800D (2sata/lan/8usb2.0/prescott ready/wifi/dual ddr)

Storage: 1 20GB WD 5400rpm 1 20GB WD 7200 και 1 40GB WD 7200rpm

Ηχος: SoundBlaster AudigyES 24Bit 5.1καναλια

Γραφικά: Abit ATi Randeon 9200SE/DT 128MB 500MHz ramdac

CD/Rw: Samsung 52x24x52 CD/RW

Τροφοδοτικο: 350Watt

Λειτουργικο: Windows2000SP4


CPU: Celeron 733MHz@825MHz 128K 66MHz@75MHz FSB - 50C

Μνημη: PC-66 256MB

Motherboard: QDI Advance 10F

Storage: 20GB 5400rpm WD

Ηχος: SoundBlaster 128PCI

Γραφικα: NVidia TNT2 M64PRO (32MB)

CD-rom BTC 56x

Τροφοδοτικο: unknown, μαλλον 250Watt

Λειτουργικο: Windows2000SP4

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