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KDE 3.5.5 is out

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KDE Project Ships Fifth Translation and Service Release for Leading Free Software Desktop

KDE 3.5.5 features translations in 65 languages, improvements in the instant messaging application and in the HTML rendering engine (KHTML).

October 11, 2006 (The INTERNET). The KDE Project today announced the immediate availability of KDE 3.5.5, a maintenance release for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop for GNU/Linux and other UNIXes. KDE now supports 65 languages, making it available to more people than most non-free software and can be easily extended to support others by communities who wish to contribute to the open source project.

Significant enhancements include:

* Version 0.12.3 of Kopete replaces 0.11.3 in KDE 3.5.5, it includes support for Adium themes, performance improvements and better support for the Yahoo! and Jabber protocols.

* Support for sudo in kdesu.

* Support for input shape from XShape1.1 in KWin (KDE window manager).

* Lots of speed improvements and fixes in Konqueror's HTML engine, KHTML.

* CUPS 1.2 support in KDEPrint.

* Big improvements in the number of translated interface elements in Chinese Traditional, Farsi, Khmer, Low Saxon and Slovak translations.

For a more detailed list of improvements since the KDE 3.5.4 release on the 2nd August 2006, please refer to the KDE 3.5.5 Changelog.

KDE 3.5.5 ships with a basic desktop and fifteen other packages (PIM, administration, network, edutainment, utilities, multimedia, games, artwork, web development and more). KDE's award-winning tools and applications are available in 65 languages.

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