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Client Servises for Netware????

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Ρε παιδια μηπως ξερει κανεις πως γινεται η καταργηση της εγκαταστασης Client Servises for Netware?

Καπως εγκατασταθηκε στον υπολογιστη της αδελφης μου και δεν μπορω να το βγαλω!

Το λειτουργικο ειναι win xp sp2 GR

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Subject: removing Clent services & Netware

In control panel, click on network and internet connections. Then click on network cnnections. Right click on properties and select the network/internet connection you use. Check each one individually by right clicking and then clicking properties. When you see the client services on netware in the list of properties click on it to remove the small x. don't click anything else. Now scroll down and hit unnstall. Your PC will reboot with the old netware logon. After it does go back to control panel and click user accounts and change how people logon. Now you will be allowed to re-establih the welcome and fast switching tabs that netware disabled. Good luck.


YΓ: Κάνε τον γούγλη τον καλύτερο σου φίλο ;)

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