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Πρόβλημα με FLigth Simulator X


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Λοιπον, το φωρτώνω κανονικά κ όταν πατάω το κουμπι για να παιξει μου βγάζει το παρακάτω μύνημα : "The MSXML4 SP2 component is not is not installed.Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair the missing component.E μετα απο αυτό το κανω κ repair αλλα και uninstall/install αλλα τίποτα γιατι το βγαζει ρε παιδια αυτό ?ΗΕΛΠ

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Από εδώ.

"I found the fix to the msxml4.dll issues.

Open windows explorer..

goto C:\WINDOWS\system32

Look for this file.. msxml4.dll it needs to this verision 4.20.9839.0.

To update this file goto


Download this update, run it.

It will say that "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\msxml something file cannot be update".

Click start -> run -> type "regedit" -> scroll through until you find classes "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes"

Everything that has says "Msxml something 4.0" needs have the system permissions.

So the first one is "Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0". Right click and click permissions.

Click system and make sure there is a check next to Allow"Full Control, Read".

The next file is Msxml2.DSOControl.4.0 make sure there is a check under Allow "Full Control, Read" and so on." :T:

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