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HP Omnibook CeleronA 433 omg! :P

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Πωλείται όπως είναι επιπλωμένο:

HP Omnibook XE2-DD

Intel Celeron A 433 MHz


Intel 82440 BX/ZX Chipset

VGA Silicon Motion 4MB

Flat panel 800x600

ESS Audio Accelerator

IBM 4.8GB HDD 422Rpm, UATA33

Teac 24x CD Rom

Floppy drive

On Board fax/modem

1x USB, 1xParallel, 1xSerial, PCMCIA, 1xMic, 1xAudioOut, 1xPS/2, 1xDSub

Τιμή: ότι έχετε ευχαρίστηση :p

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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