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Unibrain Izak 40gb αχρησιμοποίητο Portable Digital Multimedia Player

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αγορασμένο απο multirama πριν μερικούς μήνες, δεν εχει χρησιμοποιηθεί, με εγγύηση

στα 90 ευρώ

iZak is a Portable Digital Multimedia Player device that you can connect to any PC or Mac via USB-2 (plug n play) in order to copy your favorite media content (music, movies, pictures, data files). Once you have transferred your data to iZak you can connect it to any TV to enjoy movies, music and photos. You can watch your favorite films in HDTV quality Video and Dolby Digital or DTS quality Audio.

και εδώ για σύγκριση τιμών, καινούργιο χωρίς δίσκο 2,5" κάνει 95 ευρώ


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