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Πλήρες PC Tower A64 3400+ s754

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Πωλείται πλήρες PC Tower με τα παρακάτω χαρακτηριστικά

Tower: Midi-ATX

PSU: Chieftec 360W +12V->18A +5V->35A +3.3V->28A

Mainboard: MSI K8MM-V (στο κουτί της με παρελκόμενα και εγγύηση)

Internal I/O Connectors

- ATX 20-Pin power connector

- 4-pin ATX 12V power connector

- CPU / System FAN connectors

- CD-in connector

- Clear CMOS jumper

- Serial port connector (COM2)

- S/PDIF Out connector

- Front panel audio connector

- 2 x USB 2.0 connector support additional 4 ports

- Front panel connector

- 1 x Floppy disk drive connector

- 2 x serial ATA connectors

- 2 x ATA133 HD connectors

CPU: AMD Athlon64 3400+ "ClawHammer" 1MB L2 cache socket754

RAM: TwinMOS 256MB DDR400 cl2.5

VGA: S3 onboard ~64MB

HDD: Seagate 200GB IDE


LAN: VIA� VT6103L 10/100Mb/s PHY onboard

Audio: VIA VT1617A 5.1 onboard

SATA/RAID: VIA 8237R onboard

Floppy: 1.44MB 3.5"

Firewire: Q-tec IEEE1394A PCI

Modem: Microcom 56Kbps (Motorola) PCI

Card Reader: Access 4-in-1 3.5"


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