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ATi Radeon X1950XTX 512MB

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Πωλείται η παραπάνω καρτούλα σε άριστη κατάσταση στο κουτί της με όλα τα συνοδευτικά και φυσικά σε εγγύηση.

@ Product Features

Certified for Windows VISTA Premium

PCI Express x16 lane native support

Powered by ATI RADEON®X1950XTX (R580+) GPU

512MB of 256-bit (512-bit Internal Ring Bus) GDDR4 memory

A 90-nanometer process GPU, a new ultra-threaded core 3D processing architecture, with a 512-bit ring-bus memory controller and up to 512MB GDDR4 RAM.

48 Pixel Shader Processors

Dual DVI (2 Dual-link) + HDCP+ HDTV + D-sub (by dongle) + Video-in (Avivo) support

*Ultra-Threaded Shader Engine*

1.Full speed 128-bit floating point processing for all shader operations

2.Up to 512 simultaneous pixel threads

*Advanced Image Quality Features*

1.32-bit integer HDR (10:10:10:2) format supported throughout the pipeline

2.2x/4x/6x Anti-Aliasing modes

3.2x/4x/8x/16x Anisotropic Filtering modes

*Avivo Video and Display Engine*

1.High performance programmable video processor

2. Accelerated MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX,WMV9, VC-1, and H.264 decoding.

3.VGA mode support on all outputs

*CrossFire Multi-GPU technology*

Four modes of operation:

1.Alternate Frame Rendering(maximum performance)

2.Supertiling (optimal load-balancing)

3.Scissor (compatibility)

4.Super AA 8x/10x/12x/14x (maximum image quality)

*Flexible display support*

1.Dual integrated dual-link DVI transmitters

2.Dual integrated 10 bit per channel 400 MHz DACs

3D Game bundled with Delta Force Xtreme full edition.

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