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Πέθανε το 50nm NAND

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Time for 34nm and 25nm SSD

Intel has quite suddenly decided to drop its entire 50nm generation of SSDs in both 1.8- and 2.5-inch format. From now on, or should we say from Q2 2010 onwards, the company will only offer Postville 34nm MLC based 40GB to 160GB drives and as of Q4 2010 the company will also add 80GB to 600GB Postville refresh parts.

Postville refresh drives will be based on 25nm and most of them will come in Q4 2010 including 80GB, 160GB, 300GB and massive 600GB X25-M drives as well as 80GB X18-N, an 1.8 inch drive in 25nm while the rest of the 25 parts is expected in Q1 2011.

The remaining parts, including X18-M in 160GB and 300GB, will come a quarter later, in Q1 2011. The last remaining peace of the puzzle is the 40GB X25-V, a Value part also scheduled for Q1 2011.

All in all the 50nm drives are history and at this time, it doesn’t look that Intel plans any new SLC drives to fill the gap from 50nm based X25-E drives with new 34 or 25nm SLC


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