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Viking Modular reaches 520 MB/s with SSD in DIMM format

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Viking Modular reaches 520 MB/s with SSD in DIMM format

Viking Modular specializes in different memory products and its perhaps most interesting solutions are SSDs that plugs into DDR3 memory slots. This way you save space in a case and can draw power through the memory slot instead of an external cable. With SATA 6.0 Gbps support the latest creation reaches speeds up to 520 MB/s.

Viking Modular targets businesses with its SATADIMM SSDs and even if they physically connects to a memory slot all data is shipped through the regular SATA or SAS interface. The latest model measures 25mm and 18.75mm in height and on a distance looks like any other DDR3 memory module, even if it does have less memory circuits and the SATA ports in the middle speaks a different story.

"Our SATADIMM products were designed with this in mind, allowing increased performance and capacity within the existing footprint. SATADIMM has the potential to change the way enterprise OEMs design their servers and will greatly influence the overall server market."

The SSDs will be optimal for blade servers where space is limited and beside speeds up to 520 MB/s performance will be good in a server environemtn. At random read and writes the units will reach up to 60,000 IOPS.

Viking Modular uses, just like OCZ Vertex 3, SandForce's latest generation SSD controller and tends for really good performance.

When the second generation SATADIMM SSDs will be available and at what price was not revealed.

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