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L][ Insences New Freya PvP Server


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New Server, New Hopes

Hello members and non-members of L2Insences. Today we are here to introduce our new project. After a year gathering experience and working in our last project, , we are making a new start, searching an improve, a new point of view and another way to enjoy Lineage II. To all these people who enjoyed our last project, we hope they will come back and for the new players, welcome to an open-minded community with a lot of things to show. Thanks and welcome!.

Join Us In:

L][insenCes - Home page

XP: 250x SP: 250x Adena: 1000x

Max: +16 Safe: +5 Chance: 66% Blessed: 100%

Server Chronicle: Freya

Server uptime: 24/7

Hero period: 2 Week

Server type: PvP

# Working Olympiad.

# Working Castle Sieges.

# Working Skills.

# Working Geodata and Pathnodes.

# No Sub-Class quest.

# NO Nobless quest.

# Unhealable Raid Bosses.

# Champion Monsters.

# Offline vendor shops.

# Classes balancing system..

# No Clan penalty.

# Rewards for server voting.

# 4 hours buff

# Long-time gameplay.

# Server Shop.

# Server Buffer.

# Server Gatekeeper.

# Classes Manager.

# Custom Events

# Custom Shop

# Custom PvP/PK Rank NPC.

# Active and friendly Admins/Gms

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