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Node.js Tools for Visual Studio


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Ένα αρκετά ενδιαφέρον βίντεο.

In this interview I had the privilege of talking to super smart and talented Sara Itani about some of the awesome things recently added to Visual Studio to support node.js development. Not only do we dive into some of the tools available but we also go through the process of creating and deploying a node.js Express website. It is an awesome soup to nuts discussion and demo on the great work we are doing to support developers in Visual Studio. Best thing to do is download the tools and follow along!


Μερικές πληροφορίες για την ομιλήτρια στο βίντεο


Sara Itani , Software Engineer, Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

Sara is a developer on Node.js Tools for Visual Studio. At first, she was skeptical about Node.js – that is, until she realized its full potential… Now, she’s all in, and excited to help it take over the world by bringing the power of Visual Studio to the Node.js community. She, for one, welcomes our new JavaScript overlords. :-)




Τελικά το node.js είναι το μέλλον?

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