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PCMark 7 αναβάθμιση σε v1.4.0

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Πλήρης υποστήριξη Windows 8.


- Enhanced accuracy in video playback drawn frames measurement.

- In addition to the standard result, PCMark 7 Storage tests now report additional "raw" results where the metric idle values have been d from the score calculation.

- Enable or disable hardware accelerated video transcoding from the Help tab for troubleshooting.

- Improved logging.


- Now fully compatible with Windows 8.

- The Web Browsing test has been completely rewritten to avoid compatibility issues with Windows 8. The previous implementation was based on Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC); the new one is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. The heavy lifting in the test is still done by the WebBrowser2 control. Benchmark scores are affected, in most cases going up by a few percent.

- SystemInfo updated to version 4.15 for Windows 8 compatibility.


- Fixed issues in video transcoding tests and added transcoding output file validation. These changes affect benchmark scores.

- Fixed a data compression bug in the storage workloads. Benchmark scores are affected in configurations that use data compression at the hardware level.



Σύμφωνα με έγκυρες πληροφορίες , τα σκόρ της έκδοσης 1.4.0 δέν είναι άμεσα συγκρίσιμα με αυτά των προηγούμενων εκδόσεων του συγκεκριμένου benchmark.

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