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εντελι τα XP υποστηριζουν 4GB?

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παιδια εντελι τα ΧP ΥΠΟΣΤΗΡΙΖΟΥΝ 4gb μνημη?εβαλα χθες στομ pc μου 4 gb,στο cpu-z

μου δειχνει 4 αλλα στις πληροφοριες συστηματος μου δειχνει 3,πια απο τα 2 ισχυει,αν ξανα εχει υποθει ζηταω συγνωμη,αλλα δεν το προσεξα:o

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Αρχική απάντηση από gznp

Bάλε Vista βρε def να ησυχάσεις!

εχει ενα 2μηνο που τα παραγγειλα και ακομα ερχονται μεσο moduslink:wall:

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I know your thoughts immediately shifted and the following question in some form or fashion is rolling through your gray matter..."What do you mean, both Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista 32-bit operating systems support up to 4GB of system memory, it says so in all the literature? Supporting that amount of physical memory and actually being able to effectively use it are in fact two different issues that need to be understood. Windows XP Professional and Vista 32-bit editions can support 4GB of memory on paper, but in actuality this is not entirely true. In truth what happens is the 4GB address space is essentially split into two component segments each being 2GB in size. The first two gigabyte segment is allocated to the kernel, and the remaining two gigabyte segment is allocated to applications. Intel provides a pseudo-remedy called Physical Address Extension (PAE) or /3GB as it's often referred to. This extension allows Windows XP and other Intel based 32-bit operating systems to then allocate 1GB of physical memory to the kernel and 3GB to the active applications. Just activating this extension doesn't magically allocate 3GB to your applications either, each application must have a flag in its executable correctly set using a Hex editor of other software tools. I am told (as I have never personnaly used it) that using PAE to extend physical memory allocation to applications works well, except for one big gotcha; you're more than likely running 32-bit applications and currently they have a limitation of only being able to access 2GB of physical memory.

Another fact that you need to also realize is that even though Windows XP and Vista accommodate 4GB of physical memory you have other resources aside from the kernel and applications that need a piece of this pie to function. These are namely PCI-E and PCI slots coupled with other system hardware. This is why when you install 4GB of physical memory in a 32-bit Windows operating you will see only around 3GB in your System properties.

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