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650W TruePower Trio


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Αρχική απάντηση από ergotelis

Ίδιο το Seasonic.....

ποιο seasonic??:confused:

(το corsair?)

Δες (junior) την γνωμη τουτουνου

Περισσοτερο με corsair 620 μου μοιαζει

(με την διαφορα οτι το αντεκ ανατιναζεται πανω απο τα 620W)

"There was a pop and a flash and the PSU was dead. I opened up the unit, probed around and found that the fuse had blown. Normally, I would have just replaced the fuse, but Antec had soldered the fuse to the fuse holder. I could have desoldered everything, but I decided that I'd give an RMA a try.

After I received the replacement PSU, I went through all of the testing for a second time. Once again, only 5 minutes into test 6, there was a loud pop, a flash of white light and the second PSU was dead."

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Αρχική απάντηση από ergotelis

lol μα και το corsair είναι αντιγραφή του Seasonic! Τώρα τι καταφέρανε και αλλάξανε και χαλάσανε τη ποιότητά τους ένας θεός ξέρει...

Το αντεκ δεν ειναι made seasonic..αλλα μαλλον αντιγραφη απο seasonic made by channelwell

"Keep in mind that the Antec Trio is not built on the same platform as other Seasonics, such as the Corsair HX units, the PC Power and Cooling Silencer or Seasonic's own S12 and M12 models."

seasonic και παλι seasonic ...σε χαμηλοτερα λεφτα...

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