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Κενό ασφαλείας ανακοίνωσε η MS

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Microsoft is investigating a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the local user. When using Internet Explorer, code execution is remote and may not require any user intervention.

We are aware of attacks attempting to exploit the vulnerability.

Our investigation has shown that there are no by-design uses for this ActiveX Control in Internet Explorer which includes all of the Class Identifiers within the msvidctl.dll that hosts this ActiveX Control. For Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 customers, Microsoft is recommending removing support for this ActiveX Control within Internet Explorer using all the Class Identifiers listed in the Workaround section. Though unaffected by this vulnerability, Microsoft is recommending that Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 customers remove support for this ActiveX Control within Internet Explorer using the same Class Identifiers as a defense-in-depth measure.

Η απειλή αφορά χρήστες που χρησιμοποιούν τον Internet Explorer σε συστήματα με Windows XP και Windows server 2003.

Αν και θεωρητικά οι χρήστες Vista, Seven και Server 2008 δεν επηρεάζονται, η MS τους προτείνει να πάρουν και αυτοί τα μέτρα τους.

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