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No plaisio for me again


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I called plaisio because psu 405(plaisio) stopped working

I asked(politely)if they can give 30e bill at me they said ok

I called again today(to check if it was 25e or 30e)and they said

"We cannot replace it with a better one(I would pay more to get it 30+90e=120=psu)and we can replace it with tha same."

They cannot give me 30e to place more 90 to buy a better one as they said firstly.Me a person who buys from plaisio every month,purchases of 130e and they cannot give me my 30e!!!So from now I will be buying from eshop or multirama

I know when the thread will become bigger I will hear that I am wrong or I have problem with plaisio so look first how many times I suggest plaisio at other threads

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