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Sentry QA0004 Fire/Water Protected Hard Drive 160GB

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Πωλείτε ο εξωτερικός σκληρός Sentry QA0004 χωρητικότητας 160 GB ο οποίος παρέχει προστασία από πλημμύρα και φωτιά χάρη στην ειδική θήκη. Υπάρχει επίσης και ειδικό software για προστασία των δεδομένων με κωδικό αλλά και ανάκτησή τους σε περίπτωση προβλήματος. Δίνεται μαζί με τα συνοδευτικά του σε άριστη κατάσταση και 6μηνη εγγύηση πλαισίου.


Sentry FIRE-SAFE® and WATERPROOF MAXTOR® Hard Drive with 160GB storage capacity. Protects your vital DATA from both Fire and Flood damage.

The world's first and only affordable fire resistant and waterproof hard drive. The Sentry Maxtor QA0004 provides direct USB connectivity to both laptop and desktop computers, with protection of data in the event of Computer crashes, System failures and FIRE and WATER related disasters.The Sentry Maxtor Hard Drive has a durable, injection moulded housing, which protects the Maxtor Hard Drive from dust, dirt and moisture.

Connect, Back-up, Protect


* Simple USB "plug in" connectivity

* Quick and easy on-screen setup


* Easy creation of scheduled automatic back-ups of your critical data


* ETL Verification - Proven 3rd Party independent product testing and certification validates protection and loss from: Fire - ½ hour at 1550°F (843°C) and Water- Full 24 hour submersion test

* Maxtor® SafetyDrill™ - Prepares, boots and recovers your PC's entire drive contents in the event of a catastrophic data loss (Windows systems only)

* DATA RECOVERY SUPPORT - In the event your Sentry Maxtor Hard Drive is damaged by Fire or Water, Sentry Safe will attempt to recover your data FREE OF CHARGE as well as provide you with a new unit.


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