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Ερχεται το ανανεωμενο Xbox360


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Ερχεται 16 Ιουλιου και στα μερη μας!


Xbox 360 is fully loaded with new features and still comes with everything you know and love. Here's a feature list to make sure you don't miss any of the newest Xbox 360 250GB parts.

Form Factor: Sleek, lean and gloss black finish with chrome accents. Place vertically or horizontally in any living room entertainment center.

Touch Sensitive Buttons: Turn the Xbox 360 video game system on/off and eject a disc with the swipe of a finger.

Whisper Quiet: Whether you're playing a DVD disc or from the hard drive, or navigating the dashboard, with the all-new and much quieter Xbox 360, the only noise you'll hear is your own laughing, cheering and playing.

Wi-Fi: Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi for fast, easy connection to your friends and entertainment on Xbox LIVE.

Hard Drive: 250GB internal, swappable hard drive for even more storage. To access, remove the bottom panel by pushing the small tab toward the front of the console.

Kinect-Ready: Custom Kinect port on the back of the console that directly hooks up to the Kinect sensor for controller-free fun.

USB Slots: Five USB ports; three in the back of the console and two in the front for easy plug and play.

AV Connections:

AV Cable included for standard definition TV connnection.

HDMI port for high definition TV connection.

Optical Audio out port integrated on back of console for AV system connection.

Power Supply: Smaller and more efficient. Xbox 360 250GB and Xbox 360 Original power supplies are not interchangeable.

Wireless Controller: The award-winning Xbox 360 Wireless Controller matches the console in all black with color-matched thumsticks and directional pad with a touch of gloss and chrome to complete the look.

Backwards Compatible. Your favorite accessories and games will work with Xbox 360 250GB. (Xbox 360 External Hard Drives and Memory Units are not compatible.)

Accessories. Customize your Xbox 360 250GB with matching black accessories, including favorites such as Controllers, Wireless Headset, Chatpad, Quick Charge and Play & Charge Kits and more. Get a look at a few of these today.

Key Internal Components Changes:

Fan: Moved from two small fans to one larger fan for improved acoustics.

Chipset: 45 nanometer and integrated CPU and GPU.

Wi-Fi: Integrated wireless capability.


Sexy mama :D

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Αρκετό καιρό είναι έτσι; Δεν κινούνται και σε αυτό τον τομέα πολύ τεχνολογικά. Να δώ πότε θα δούμε ΧΒΟΧ720 :p

ΧΒΟΧ facelift βγάλανε...

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Παντως το Ps2 που εχει κλεισει 10 χρονια ζωης απο την εμφανιση του το 2000 ακομη πουλαει καλα

Αν κρινω απο το facelift του PS3 και το αντιστοιχο του 360 , η συγκεκριμενη τεχνολογια θα μας συντροφευει για αρκετο καιρο ακομη

Τα γραφικα παντως και στις 2 κονσολες στεκονται αρκετα καλα για τα σημερινα στανταρ και για την τιμη στην οποια διατιθενται

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Kinect λεγεται και θα ειναι χαλια

Για δες κι αυτό: [ame=http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2010-forza-kinect/101303]Forza 4 Video Game, E3 2010: Debut Gameplay | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com[/ame]

Είναι απίτευτο πραγματικά!

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