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[L2J Freya] L2Apollon x50 - Opening 30/4/2011


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30 / 04 / 2011, 18:00 GMT+2

Hi all, after 2 months of hard work and testing it's time for L2Apollon to start! L2Apollon is a new server running on OVH dedicated machine and managed by MCITP administrator in partnership with Nekys Nemia, administrator of Raidfight. Some info about our server can be found below, it's not all but the most critical, the rest you have to explore it alone when u join us! Check also what unique features L2Apollon has to offer to players! What we offer in L2Apollon is an experienced Team that knows coding in java, knows how to secure a server and knows Lineage2 from player's point of view. We won't say big words, because our eyes have seen many in the world of Lineage2, but our first concern is to provide you a secure, stable and with no-lag server. The biggest problem nowadays is security in a Lineage2 server and from that part we are completely covered in L2Apollon. Server is located in Great Britain because datacenter is there and with one of the best dedicated server machine and connection. Come join our final-beta phase that will last for 2 weeks, till server opens 30/4/2011, and leave us a feedback about server! This server came to stay for a long-long time so feel free to come join us for a stable, secure and most of all funny Lineage2 experience! Visit www.l2apollon.com for further information!

Website: www.l2apollon.com

Facebook Group: L2Apollon Gaming Network | Facebook

Server Machine :

- Processors: AMD Opteron 4174 (6x 2.30+ GHz)

- Memory(RAM): 16 GB DDR3

- 2x 1500 GB - SATA2 No Raid

- 1 Gbps Bandwidth

- Unlimited Traffic

- Hardware Firewall for DDOS Protection

- Full Anti-Hack - Anti-Bot System

- Full Protected Server both Client and Server side

Server Info :

- L2Apollon (50x) Server:

- Freya (CT2.5)

- XP: 50x

- SP: 50x

- Party XP/SP: 60x

- ADENA: 50x

- Spoil: 25x

- Drop: 10x

- Max Enchant Rate: +16

- Safe Enchant Rate: +4

- Normal Enchant Chance: 66%

- Blessed Enchant Chance: 76%

- Full Geodata/Cell Pathfinding

- Full Working Hellbound

- Working Chambers of Delusion

- No custom items

- Official Phoenix-Events-Engine with many, many events supported

Server Features :

- Items of Gm Shop (up to A grade) inside local stores for a more 'retail-like' server experience!

- Global GK (inside the normal Gatekeepers)

- Raid Teleporter (not to 80+ lvl bosses and Special Bosses though)

- NPC Buffer with option to create personal buff scheme (3 hours buff)

- Npc Vitalizer that gives u buff to maintain full vitality for 2 hours

- Colour Manager that changes player's title colour!

- Noblesse Manager

- Top PvP-PK npc info

- No quests for class change and subclass

- Max Subclass=3,Max LvL of Subclass=85

- Balanced Retail Olympiad with +8 max enchant value

- Auto-Learn skills

Unique L2Apollon Features :

- Server doesn't use npcs for Gm Shop or for Global Gatekeeper, everyting is incorporated inside the retail npcs like local traders and local gatekeepers. With that way we want to boost participation in sieges and give to players a more 'retail-like' experience!

- A total unique instance to try your luck with difficult enemies and earn nice rewards! (24 hours re-enter time)


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