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NVidia. Πτώσεις τιμών?

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Αν λάβουμε υπόψιν το παρακάτω άρθρο ίσως θα ήταν καλή ιδέα όποιος ετοιμάζεται να αγοράσει κάρτα γραφικών να περιμένει λίγο ακόμα

nVidia prices slashed again – GTX470 down more than 21%

For those people, seeing the price of the GTX470 they bought last week dropping by more than 21% won’t make them happy. Even the more affordable Fermi cards are dropping.

The GTX465 trade price moves down to $229.

Additional drops on the slow selling 768MB GTX460 are also planned.

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