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3 μήνες Xbox Game Pass για PC δωρεάν!

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Δωρεάν 3 μήνες Xbox Game Pass για PC εντελώς δωρεάν από τη Lenovo. Εν συντομία, γράφεστε στο community Lenovo Gaming, κάνετε ένα ποστ στο φόρουμ


To receive your code, just follow 3 small steps:

1️⃣ Register on the community if you are not already registered!
2️⃣ Start a new discussion in the Welcome board to Introduce yourself and let the community know what game(s) you’re interested in playing on the Xbox Game Pass for PC and why
3️⃣ Request a Xbox Game Pass for PC code by leaving a comment below!

Simply wait a little bit for our team to send you your individual code by Private Message on the community as soon as possible! 🤗

Hurry up, the number of codes is limited! you can use it even if you don't have a Lenovo Legion device, just be a member of the Legion Community and follow the steps above!

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