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Συλλογή OSS προγραμμάτων για Windows περιβάλλον

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There are two ideas behind this CDRom. First is to show an OSS desktop software stack that runs on Windows. The second is to show all this good software that will also run on Linux. It is a great tool to prepare people for a possible move to Linux on the desktop. Regardless of whether you are planning to move desktops or not, it is all good quality software and in active development.

I built this CDRom with the following rules in mind: the software had to

be free and open source and also had to run on both Windows and Linux.

Torrent link:


ISO link:


Η τρέχουσα έκδοση είναι η 1.3 και κατάλογος αλλαγών (changelog) υπάρχει εδώ:


Γιατί να ασχοληθεί κάποιος?

1) Νομιμότητα (από άποψη άδειας χρήσης)

2) Ευκολότερο migration σε Linux

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