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Windows for Warships nears frontline service


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The end is near.....

Πίσσα και πούπουλα στον Bill Gates.

"Everyone knows the differences between Windows and other operating systems. Steve Jobs has recently spent colossal sums telling us that most malware is written for Windows; also that using Windows is no fun and, even worse, seems to involve wearing a tie.

Those acquainted with the more foam-lipped Linux fanciers will also be familiar with the position that Windows use is morally corrupt, indicative of sexual perversion, and causes cancer."


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Ααααχχχχ..... Ένας φίλος εδώ μέσα έχει για avatar μια εικόνα με μια οθόνη αφής (μάλλον απο το Star Treck πρέπει να είναι), μπλέ οθόνη και τον άλλο να την κοπανάει... Σύντομα το βλέπω να αποδεικνείεται προφητικό..................................... :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

edit: Να και μια ακόμη.....:p


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