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eMule and 4226fix


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Microsoft released the Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP a few days ago, which will be distributed via the Windows Update within the next days. The SP2 is supposed to fix several bugs/exploits and to increase the security in general.

One new "security features" limits the amount of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts and slows down all connection attempts, as soon as a limit has been reached. Unfortunatly this limit is "hard coded" and cannot be turned off by the user (while worms and other malware can easily patch some system files to avoid beeing affected).

Since eMule tries to connect to many sources within a short time period and a part of those sources are unreachable (for example if an user went offline), it is possible that eMule triggers this limit - especially when downloading files with many sources. This will slow down finding and contacting sources which could lead to a slightly decreased performance in general, however we are still investigating on the excact impact and will try to implement a fix/walk-arround into the next eMule version if necessary.

There is a patch/hack available which turns off this limit by manipulating system files (you can find it by googling for "4226fix"). We have not tested this patch and want to point out that editing system files always poses a risk. Therefore we cannot recommend this patch in general, but for experienced users who suffer slowdowns because of the connection limit this patch could be a solution. ( http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/news.cgi?l=1 )

ξερει κανεις τπτ για αυτό εγώ βρήκα και εβαλα στο πσ μου το 4226fix αλλα δ ξέρω ποσό αξιόπιστο είναι......οποιος εχει ακουσει τπτ....

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Το προβλημα με το SP2 ηταν οτι δεν επετρεπε πολλα connections. Νομιζω μεχρι 10. Υπαρχει patch που ανοιγει περισσοτερα.

Εγω το ρυθμιζω μεσω του nlite οταν κανω φτιαχνω δικες μου εκδοσεις το windows.

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