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Χαζευα απο δω απο κει και επεσε το ματι στο παραπανω bench στο HWbot.org



wPrime has the same ease of use as SuperPi, but has 4 key benefits: multithreaded: take full use of your dual / quad core processor simplified: click 32M for a quick test, 1024M for a stability test. No 10 different methods to choose from. hwbot integration / one click comparison: no need to manually enter your result on hwbot, or post it in a bot monitored forum. Just click submit and you can compare your result to ten thousands of other overclockers. If you belong to a team which uses a bot to monitor your forum, the bot will will update your forum ranking too. hardware recognition: in contrary to superpi, wPrime dedects your hardware automatically.


Υποστηριζει και 4 πυρηνες......και submission στο hwbot γινεται κατευθειαν απο το προγραμμα.


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