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Evening Gamers!

As promised, additional details regarding the official PureTrak mouse will be released within this news post. We have had a tremendous response from the community wanting to grab every little detail they can and as promised, we are here to deliver and satisfy your every question. Here are some questions we have already answered out to several community outlets. These answers have all been answered by Nick Iannotti, Lead Product Developer for PureTrak.

Q: What is going to be the name of this mouse?

A: Since the concept phase, the name of the mouse has been "VALOR". We feel it fits quite well.

Q: You just announced this mouse earlier this month, how long did it take you to develop mouse?

A: I'm glad you asked this. We have had a lot of people come to us or have commented on the assumption that this mouse must be another Chinese mouse with a PureTrak logo slapped on the back of it. In reality, this project has been in the works for the better part of 18 months now and has been a 100% "from the ground up" design concept from the get go. We actually started right after the Talent/Stealth mouse pads were released to the public. Most of that time was spent with R&D, speaking thousands of gamers (and working with a select few professional ones), and simply nailing down every little detail and feature we know the majority of gamers want in their mouse.

Q: Aside from the solid white photo you posted, can you explain the overall design of this mouse? Is it a "claw grip" or "palm grip"?

A: Palm grip similar to your MX518/MS 3.0/. During our extensive research, we found that this is a specification that we couldn't make everyone happy on so we continued to work with our current design. We have found that the community, in whole, is literally split down the middle on what style mouse they prefer. With that said, we have already begun work on our next mouse model which will be your "claw grip" style similar to your WMO/1.1/Xai.

Q: Optical or Laser?

A: A big and important question. Optical. While laser has come along way since it's inception and offers some very attractive numbers, it still doesn't give the right "feel" as an optical sensor. We were never interested in getting in to a "horse power" race with other manufactures who feature these laser sensors with 5000dpi+ and even some with 6000dpi+? Truth be told, avid gamers want the right feel and really could care less on what numbers their sensor is putting down. Do you think the continued popularity of the MX518, 3.0, or even the 1.1 in reliant on the type of DPI it puts down? I don't think so :).

Q: Will this sensor have prediction?

A: Yes and no. The amazing thing about the sensor we are working with is that we have the ability to turn it off and on. By default, this mouse will have prediction turned completely off. For gamers who like prediction, we will have available firmware so the end user can change between the settings by doing a simple reflash.

Q: So when can I buy this thing?

A: Well, we still do not have a 100% date set on this. I would personally like to see this out by April 1st but that time may be delayed a week or two. The time revolving around a couple promotions we're working on :).

Q: What's this going to set me back?

A: Price point is another item we're waiting to finalize but the rough estimate is $50-60.00USD.

To avoid bloating this new post with trying to answer every question about the niddy-griddy design features, we will lay out every feature and detailed specification here and allow the community to openly ask questions directly via our forums, email, our facebook or even our twitter page. These questions will be answered directly by the people involved with the project so please feel free to ask us whatever your little hearts desire.

On to the goodies:


-3500DPI optical gaming sensor allows for extremely accurate tracking on most all surfaces regardless of sensitivity. Featuring movement maxes of 60 inches per second and an amazing 20G maximum acceleration.


-Developed with professional and casual gamers a like, our sweat-proof design and rubber side grips ensures your hand stays comfortable as well as planted.


-Four on-the-fly selectable DPI settings without the need for drivers using the build in DPI selector button: 800, 1600, 2400, and 3500DPI.


-Blazing fast 1ms response time built-in, without any need for driver installation.


-Heavy or light? You make the choice with seven, 10g (gram), barrel-style weights. Total of 70 grams!


-Designed and made with the best parts available, our scroll wheel will provide years of smooth scrolling without any loss in performance or feel.


-Designed for durability and functionality, our 7 foot cord gives you plenty of room to move.


-Our award winning, world renowned brand of performance enhancing mouse skates are preinstalled for maximum glide performance as well as your convenience. An extra set is included as well!


Detailed Specifications:

-Ergonomic, sweat-proof shell design

-Solid 4-way mouse wheel system with ultra durable assembly

-Adjustable 7x10g weight tuning system

-Sensor: AVAGO ADNS-3090 w/PureTrak customized lens system for reduced lift-off distance

-Lift-Off Distance: 1.8mm - 2.3mm (surface dependent)

-Frames per Second: 6400

-Inches Per Second: 60

-Dots Per Inch: 800/1600/2400/3500dpi (3500dpi maximum, no interpolation)

-Maximum Acceleration: 20G

-PerfectGlide performance enhancing mouse skates pre-installed

-1,000Hz (1ms) USB polling rate

-Connector: USB

-Buttons: 5 w/OMRON D2FC-F-7N switches

-Dimensions: 117x75x45mm

-Cable length: 7ft/2.1m

-3 Year factory Warranty with optional 2 year extended warranty (max. 5 years)

-Operating System: Win2000/XP/VISTA/7 or Mac OS X v10.2 or greater

Photos, pricing, and a set availability date will be released in the next coming weeks. Be sure to become a fan of our facebook and/or twitter page to receive live updates!

We're looking forward to everyone's feedback!

Expose Your True Talent - PureTrak.com - Precision Gaming Gear - News and Promotions

Θελουμε review sample λεμε :baby:

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Did we mention that if you preorder the all-new PureTrak Valor, you'll receive a Talent mouse pad FREE with your purchase? Woops, guess we left that out :)!

Consider yourselves informed! Preorder today and receive a FREE Talent pad! Already preordered? No worries, you're taken care of as well! Offer ends 5/10/2011 so act quick!

PureTrak.com - Precision Gaming Gear - Products - Valor 3500DPI

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Hmm, να λέει τίποτα το mouse;

Έχει πάρει κανείς κανά sample;


Πάντως αυτό το rubber φαίνεται πολύ καλό. Με το mx518 δεν την παλεύω μία το καλοκαίρι, γλιστράει από τα χέρια μου.

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Hmm, να λέει τίποτα το mouse;

Έχει πάρει κανείς κανά sample;


Πάντως αυτό το rubber φαίνεται πολύ καλό. Με το mx518 δεν την παλεύω μία το καλοκαίρι, γλιστράει από τα χέρια μου.

Παραγγειλα ενα, δεν μπορεσα να κρατηθω -> Overclock.net - Overclocking.net - View Single Post - Puretrak mouse specs released :inlove::inlove:

ελπιζω σε 2 βδομαδες να ερθει, εχω να φαω call vote για cheat παλι ....... :p

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