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    Noctua at Computex 2024

      Noctua displayed a wide range of upcoming products and prototypes

    At this year’s Computex Taipei trade show, Noctua displayed a wide range of upcoming products and prototypes, including the Seasonic Prime TX-1600 Noctua Edition power supply, a two-phase thermosiphon cooling solution with flexible tubing as well as the upcoming second generation of the award-winning NF-A12x25 fan. The exhibition also included final versions of the NF-A14x25 G2 fan that’s coming up in September as well as the soon-to-be launched NH-D15 G2 flagship model CPU cooler.

    noctua_computex_2024_booth.jpg  noctua_computex_2024_booth_4.jpg

    The upcoming second generations of the iconic NH-D15 CPU cooler and NF-A14 140mm fan were at the heart of Noctua’s Computex 2024 line-up. After further reinforcements of the frame structure, the round-frame version of the fan as well as the NH-D15 G2 are now in mass production. The NH-D15 G2 will be available in three different versions: A standard version that has the same medium base convexity as other Noctua multi-socket coolers, a low base convexity (LBC) version as well as a high base convexity (HBC) version. The background of this differentiation is the drastically different contact surface flatness and hotspot location of AMD’s AM5 and Intel’s LGA1700 platforms, as Noctua illustrated using 3D scans and contact pressure maps: Whereas AM5 processors are relatively flat and have their hotspot location towards the south side of the socket, Intel LGA1700 CPUs become strongly concave due to pressure from the Internal Loading Mechanism (ILM) unless shim washers or so called contact frames are used to reduce ILM pressure.

    noctua_computex_2024_nh_d15_g2.jpg noctua_computex_2024_d15_g2_2.jpg

    By choosing the optimal version of the NH-D15 G2 and utilising the supplied accessories to enhance contact quality, customers can gain a significant thermal advantage: Noctua’s default recommendation is the medium base convexity standard version as it provides optimal results on both AMD AM5 CPUs with the included offset mounting and on Intel LGA1700 processors when using the included shim washers (or contact frames) to reduce ILM pressure. For customers who prefer not to use washers or contact frames as well as on LGA1700 processors that have become permanently deformed from long-term use with full ILM pressure, the HBC version will provide the best results. Conversely, the LBC version will provide optimal contact quality on AM5 even without the included offset mounting as well as on AM4, LGA2066, flat custom heat-spreaders or delidded AM5 CPUs.

    noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p04.jpg noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p05.jpg noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p06.jpg noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p07.jpg noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p08.jpg

    In a live on-site demonstration, the NH-D15 G2 was capable of dissipating more than 600W on a standardised synthetic heating element with a maximum temperature of ~60°C whereas the first-generation NH-D15 could only support around 430W in the same setting. On modern AMD and Intel CPUs with 180-250W heat-loads, this performance advantage will typically translate into a 2-3°C temperature reduction.

    While the NH-D15 G2 as well as the round-frame NF-A14x25r G2 will be available in early July*, the square frame NF-A14x25 G2 had to undergo more significant structural modifications that required additional accelerated long-term testing and validation, which is why the estimated release date has been pushed back to September. In Noctua’s noise-normalised tests, the second-generation fans provide 2-3°C better temperatures on water cooling radiators and NH-U14S heatsinks as well as 13% more airflow in typical PC case ventilation settings. A chromax.black version of the new NF-A14x25 G2 is in the works as well and planned to launch Q1 next year.

    noctua_computex_2024_nf_a14x25_g2.jpg noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p10.jpg noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p11.jpg

    In addition to the NF-A14x25 G2, Noctua unveiled its second generation 120mm A-series fan that will provide even better performance than the award-winning NF-A12x25. Currently targeting a Q1 2025 release, this next-gen 120mm fan can push around 10% more airflow through an NH-U12A heatsink and 12% more airflow through a 49mm thick water cooling radiator when fans are normalised to a 25dB(A) sound pressure level.


    The next-gen 120mm fan will also be employed in a novel dual tower 120mm flagship model CPU cooler that’s currently on the roadmap for Q2 2025. With two of the new 12cm fans, 8 heatpipes and a dual fin stack that’s tailored to make best use of the new fan’s higher pressure characteristics, this cooler will offer a similar level of performance as the current NH-D15 in a 120mm form factor.

    noctua_computex_2024_next_gen_dual_tower noctua_computex_2024_next_gen_dual_tower

    Another highlight of the show was the upcoming Noctua Edition of Seasonic’s award-winning Prime TX-1600 power supply: Using a Noctua NF-A12x25 120mm fan as well as a custom engineered fan grill that reduces turbulences in order to enhance both airflow and acoustics, the Noctua Edition can run ~8-10dB(A) quieter than the already quiet standard version. The Seasonic Prime TX-1600 Noctua Edition is currently scheduled for a Q4 2024 release.

    noctua_computex_2024_seasonic_prime_tx_1 noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p17.jpg

    In addition to these products that Noctua aims to make available within the next year, the manufacturer also announced the development of a two-phase thermosiphon CPU cooler with flexible tubing in cooperation with the Belgian two-phase cooling specialist Calyos. Leveraging the latent heat potential of vaporisation and condensation, the goal of this project is to provide the same performance level, clean design and ease of use as all-in-one water coolers without their drawbacks: Since there are no moving parts within the fluid cycle, the thermosiphon cooler will not suffer from pump-induced noise, vibrations or failures. Whilst Noctua is fully committed to bringing this product to the market, it will not be part of the public roadmap and no ETA will be announced until firm release timelines are established.

    noctua_computex_2024_thermosiphon_develo noctua_computex_2024_press_kit_p15.jpg

    Last but not least, Noctua displayed its just-released HOME line products, NH-U14S AMP-4926 and NH-D9 AMP-4926 4U CPU coolers for Ampere Altra Family processors as well as an upcoming solution for Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper superchips.

    noctua_computex_2024_ampere_altra_family noctua_computex_2024_nvidia_gh200.jpg

    *The late June launch target given for the NH-D15 G2 and NF-A14x25r G2 at Computex had to be adjusted slightly to early July due to unexpected delays in logistics.

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