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Tripwire announced the next game in the Red Orchestra series at the PC Gaming Show: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is being developed by Anti-Matter Games and Tripwire Interactive and published by Tripwire Interactive for the PC.


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In Country: Vietnam & Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

We know this will come up a lot so we will just say that Pop Smoke is not involved with the Rising Storm Vietnam sequel; there is no In Country Vietnam content at work and to our knowledge we don't share any developers. 

We are separate projects. 

We have been quiet over the last 4 months as we lay the groundwork for In Country on UE4 and we hope you'll like what you see when we are ready to reveal.





2 διαφορετικα project, το 1 σε παλαιοτερη μηχανη, παει χαλασε και η Tripwire :p 


dem choppers tho 


@AKISSS  λαδωσε το stick σου :p 

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Welcome to what is the start of many community focused updates to come. Today I want to start going into detail about just what is Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Vietnam will be a standalone game in the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm franchise. We are bringing the series forward into a new era of warfare as well as emphasising the core elements and experiences of the franchise that our fans love and have come to expect.

Building off our experience with the first Rising Storm (winner of PC Gamer’s “Game of the Year” award in 2013), Vietnam will feature the asymmetrical combat between the United States Army and Marine Corps, fighting the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong irregulars. This will be the franchise's first step into the modern era, where the competing forces are (mostly) armed with automatic weaponry, as well as having even more supporting firepower available, in terms of artillery and air support. 

Due to this step forward in time, as well as player feedback and lessons learned from Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm, much of our time since the announcement of the game has been on designing and prototyping refinements to core elements of the game, as well as new features.

The first two of the central pillars of gameplay to look at are Squads and Firefights. There have been many discussions on the forums on these two topics, but here are some thoughts from us:
  • The new squad system is currently being built with an emphasis toward playing with your friends, ease of cooperation/working with the rest of the squad and squad communications. This squad system should provide more “friend” functionality, while removing some of the complexity of the old system.
  • In general, we are aiming to promote more defined firefights between players, enhancing and updating some of the core shooting mechanics. Not going to help if you let someone sneak up behind you, or ambush you from 10 feet away - or you let Mr Snipey take a carefully worked shot at your head. But for face-to-face engagements at normal combat ranges, a little more thought, practice and skill may be needed. Easy to use and understand, a need for calm under fire, but still deadly.

We will be sharing more information about both of these systems, other changes and new features as we move forward. 

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is being built on top of an enhanced version of the RO2/RS (UE3) platform. As part of this we are also working to enhance our community SDK by looking to clear modding roadblocks that were encountered on our previous titles. 

The lead developer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the team that brought you Rising Storm, some of whom came from the Red Orchestra modding community (such as the Darkest Hour team) - Antimatter Games ( www.antimattergames.com ). Antimatter Games will be bringing the game to you some time this year! 

You can find the new community hub on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/418460 and be sure and follow our Rising Storm Game Facebook page for all the latest news and information about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam:https://www.facebook.com/RisingStormGame/ and continue to follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tripwireint




moar @ http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=115944 

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Good Morning Vietnam Fans!

(Sorry I had to get that out of my system)

Today we want to give you a look at one of the core game mechanics we have been talking about as well as introduce you to another one. As always keep in mind these are works in progress and subject to change as we iterate with the systems and find out more about what works and what doesn’t.

With that in mind, here are some additional warnings on the topic: In the following WebM you will see a snapshot of a development build with non-final numbers and settings, showcased on an early block-out map that has little-to-no art (and any art you see is most likely placeholder).


What you’ve just seen here are changes we have been experimenting with on how weapons handle with full-auto This includes ironsight misalignment and how the ironsights and weapon behave during recoil which are different from past RO/RS titles. To reiterate: The goal of these systems and experiments is to make sure weapons still feel good in the hands of the player, but encourage a more authentic engagement between sides in a firefight. You may also have seen some other additions we feel fans of the franchise will enjoy.

Another core design goal of the game we’ve been working on can be summed up as:

One mode of play

An authentic, immersive tactical shooter

One game with some server and client settings - the game should always play the same across servers

The majority of which we are currently looking at being visual aids

We feel this will help newer players without diluting the core gameplay experience or jar them from one mode to the next

We are looking to show more details and examples on other core systems as they come online. Right now there is a major focus on UI and Menu work heavily underway.

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A Focus On Asymmetry

To start off this week I want to highlight an upcoming event: The PC Gamer Weekender being hosted in London (http://weekender.pcgamer.com/). For those of you based in the UK, show up and talk to us - we will be there! For those who aren’t going to make it to London, fear not - everything will be streamed by PC Gamer. Watch this space (and theirs) for all the details! 

With that out of the way I want to start talking about asymmetric gameplay and how we are bringing that forward into Rising Storm 2. The South Vietnamese forces, backed and equipped by the US and allied militaries brought the latest and greatest military hardware to the field. North Vietnam, backed by China and Russia was working with a mix of WWII hardware as well as some variants of the more modern Russian weapon platforms. 

This will play out both in the more obvious differences in the weapons the factions will have available, as well as the mechanics of the factions. We’re currently prototyping gameplay that highlights how much more nimble around the battlefield the North Vietnamese forces might be, as well as better abilities to move (and spawn) undetected and unexpected. 

Beyond that we are also working on the commander abilities for each side that will reflect the strengths of the factions - particularly in supporting arms. Fans may get a first look at some of these in the near future (http://weekender.pcgamer.com/ - hint hint)! 

But I do want to show off one example of weapon asymmetry today and that comes in the M79 - known to many of the troops as the “thumper” or “bloop-tube” due to its distinct sound. As always, just remember that what you are about to see are Works In Progress and may contain placeholders and may not always be fully representative of the final product. With that in mind, I present to you the M79: 

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Anti-Matter Games
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Ok, bunch of questions there. Let me answer the ones that I can. Anything I don't answer is likely because it's something that Yoshiro will be wanting to make a dedicated post about in the near future and I can't go stealing his thunder. :p

Napalm - This is a commander requested ability like artillery. You get a target marked in the usual way, then request it from a radio the same as you'd call in an artillery strike, after which a Phantom flies over and hits the target with two canisters of napalm. For RS2 we're mixing up the commander abilities significantly so that it's not just 3 types of otherwise identical artillery (though artillery is still in there). Expect to see different abilities for each team. I can't discuss the other abilities yet though, Yoshiro will dedicate a post (or maybe multiple) to that in the near future.
Guys in Camo - Those are USMC
Khe Sanh vs NVA - That map isn't actually Khe Sanh, despite the look of it. It's a just a small fictional base that doesn't have a proper name. That's not to say that NVA won't appear on it when it's done, but they're not done yet either
Retracting the Stock - All weapons are already affected by collision triggered by their length. You don't notice it much in stock RO games unless you're in tight quarters like trenches, or trying to lean around corners. On weapons that support it (two weapons in the trailer do - Mat 49 and Greasegun), retracting the stock reduces that collision length significantly, meaning you're very unlikely to have your weapon forced down as you try to lean around a corner. Additionally, because it's more of a "shouldered" position, you have a nice open sight picture while the gun is far less floaty than when it's hipped, so although you're not pinpoint accurate, you're able to react more quickly in CQB.
Small maps/gunfights - Lemonater is correct. We have maps designed specifically for 16-24 players that are built specifically for purpose rather than being fenced off sections of larger maps. They will be playable in TE mode, as well as a new, as yet unannounced mode intended for small player counts and potentially competitive play.



moar -> http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=116620 

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Yoshiro Yoshiro is offline


Today I would like to show off the Baikal shotgun, which you saw in render form during my last communication in action. 

(As a reminder)


(Now in action!)



Another area I want to cover today is movement. We have been experimenting and refining the movement system as we work on Vietnam and I want to share what we currently have with you compared to the previous titles. 

In Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm the player would slow down as stamina was drained. This often led to players slowing down just when they needed the speed the most - trying to cross a street or field to get to cover. It also made building other mechanics on top of the system more painful to the end player.

Now stamina is still important to the player for when they decide to engage the enemy or return fire. However, it won’t have a direct impact on the player's speed. This has allowed us to add player movement changes that feel like they fit the player and not come off sluggish depending on the environment (water/hill) that they are in/on. 


To quote myself from a different discussion:

To put it another way you can now prioritize movement over returning fire and then find a place to pause and get yourself fighting fit. At the same time you won't feel like spriting across the street was a marathon you've been part of all day. 

But once again this is something we are trialing and are seeing how it works out in practice. So far we have been happy with it but are keeping an eye on it.

We have more media and changes we want to talk about later this week if all goes well as we continue to refine our build in preparation for PAX East. As a reminder you will be able to find us there with an early playable build of our smaller competitive mode that we are designing around 8v8 combat so if you are in the area drop on by!

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