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  • Intel Introduces Next-Generation Storage Technology

    Intel disclosed a breakthrough enterprise storage technology which combines the dependability of today’s hardware RAID with the high performance of software RAID into a solution called next-generation RAID. The integration of RAID functionality onto the processor eliminates the need for a separate RAID card, leading to a smaller footprint and increased performance.
    When paired with an integrated SAS controller, the integrated RAID configuration increases overall input/output (I/O) system performance and can greatly reduce storage solution costs. Next-generation RAID can be supported on a variety of operating systems.
    See the slideshow
    http://intelstudios.edgesuite.net/idf/2010/sf/aep/STOS002/STOS002.swf' rel="external nofollow">

  • Corsair H70 Liquid CPU Cooler

    Corsair - H70 Liquid CPU Cooler | Κείμενο: Dr.Paneas
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  • Google TV

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