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  • Chill Innovation Announces New Wireless Micro Keyboard

    Danish company Chill Innovation A/S has just announced what they call "The ultimate Media Keyboard on the Market". Behind these bold headlines lies a whole new [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]media keyboard which not only support standard computers and HTPC (Home Theater PC) systems, but also Tablet PCs, PDAs and smartphones like iPad, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and even Playstation-3, as well as all other devices with Bluetooth HID keyboard support.
    Besides an impressive compatibility list, the new Chill KB-1BT Wireless Bluetooth Micro Keyboard does not exactly look like a traditional keyboard either. The compact size, which kind of makes you think of a regular TV remote, still holds both a fully functional 71 keys keyboard and an integrated touchpad for easy mouse navigation.

  • Intel SSD 710 and 720 Series

    First making their existance known in April, Intel's new enterprise-grade 710 Series and 720 Series solid-state drives (SSDs) are inching closer to launch, with more specifications being known. The two series are very[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] distinct from each other, the 710 series codenamed "Lyndonville" comes in the 2.5-inch SATA form-factor, with SATA 3 Gb/s interface; while the 720 series codenamed "Ramsdale" comes in the PCI-Express add-on card form-factor, probably using the PCI-Express x8 interface.
    Intel 710 series SSDs make use of new 25 nm MLC NAND flash, cached by 64 MB of DRAM. It comes in capacities of 100, 200, and 300 GB; offer transfer-rates of 270 MB/s read, 210 MB/s write; with 36,000 IOPS and 2,400 4K IOPS performance; and offers endurance of 500 TB for the 100 GB model, and 1 PB (petabyte, equals 1024 TB) for the 200 GB model on full capacity. The Intel 720 series SSDs use PCI-Express interface, 34 nm SLC NAND flash, comes in capaities of 200 GB and 400 GB; transfer rates of 2,200 MB/s read, 1,800 MB/s write; 180,000 IOPS with 56,000 IOPS 4K random write performance; and massive endurance figures of 36 PB for 200 GB (8K random writes).

  • AMD Catalyst 11.6 WHQL Driver Suite

    Οπως σχεδον καθε μηνα ετσι και αυτον η ΑΜD μας δινει το update των Catalyst driver. H εκδοση πλεον ειναι 11.6 και μαλιστα ειναι ηδη WHQL. Η κυ

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