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    At an industry conference in Barcelona, chipmaker AMD's CEO said the company is not for sale, but would entertain interesting propositions. The statement was spurred by a query regarding Oracle's recent interest in purchasing a chipmaker. Oracle wants to expand its technology offering and sees acquiring a semiconductor firm as the solution.
    "AMD is not for sale, but we are happy to listen to any proposal which is in the interest to our shareholders," said Chief Executive Dirk Meyer. AMD is second only to Intel in providing x86-based processors for PCs and servers.
    AMD hopes to reclaim market share lost to Intel recently with a line of Fusion processors, which combine graphics and general processing. Intel is expected to quickly counter with its Sandy Bridge architecture, which isn't as tightly integrated but promises graphics that perform as well as low-end dedicated hardware. Any such move could shake up the technology industry by putting Intel's closest competitor in the hands of a rival with a different focus.
    Πηγη: http://www.electronista.com/articles/10/10/06/amd.ceo.says.company.will.listen.to.offers/#ixzz1297Ch15y

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