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  • ColorFire Xstorm HD 6850 Graphics Card Breaks Vantage Record

    ColorFire is a sister-brand of Colorful, which focuses on AMD Radeon-based graphics cards, as Colorful specializes on NVIDIA GeForce ones. Shortly after its introduction, the ColorFire team led by overclocker Carl from China was able to break a 3DMark Vantage record for the Radeon HD 6850. The overclocker achieved P27751 points, some 3810 points ahead of the previous[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] record-holder. The card sustained overclocked speeds of 1500 MHz core and 1275 MHz (5100 MHz GDDR5 effective) memory, and backed by an Intel Core i7-980X clocked at 5.7 GHz, with the entire setup being cooled by liquid nitrogen. The HWBOT validation can be found here.
    The Xstorm HD 6850 from ColorFire features the same mid-range exorbitance characteristic of Colorful. It features a PCB with a strong VRM, making use of high-quality components; and a large cooler. It features 1 GB of memory, a 4+1 phase VRM, dual-BIOS, OCP unlock switches, and consolidated voltage-measure points. The VRM uses high-grade chokes and POSCAP capacitors. The cooler uses a large (quiet) fan to cool a big heatsink to which heat is conveyed by three heat pipes.

    Source: http://techpowerup.com

  • BitFenix Shinobi

    Η γνωστη πλεον για τα ποιοτικα κουτια BitFenix πα

  • Νέα διπυρηνη κάρτα γραφικών ;

    Engadget stumbled into what they think is a dual-GPU NVIDIA GeForce product that never made it. We believe the story is different. Below you can see photo's of a dual-GPU solution based on two GF104 chips (GeForce GTX 460).[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]
    "While we wait for its arrival, however, here's a sentimental look back upon 2010 and another little prototype that NVIDIA had kicking around its labs back then. Emerging over in a Chinese forum, this dual-GPU board features two GF104 chips (the same that made the GTX 460 such a winner) and a snow white PCB paintjob that makes it look utterly irresistible. We're loving the four DVI outputs and, just like you, have no idea why this card never came out, but that shouldn't obstruct the enjoyment of looking at the darn thing" - Engadget.
    Now when you look closely, that's not an NVIDIA reference design whatsoever. And I'm willing to bet this card is originating from Galaxy / KFA2. Once GeForce GTX 590, not all partners in Europe will get a chance to sell these high end puppies - including Palit, Gainward, KFA2 and more. As an alternative Galaxy / KFA2 just might pump out a lower spec dual-GPU based card.
    Though the photo's indicate that this card is dual GTX 460 based, it would not surprise me to see that Galaxy is working on a dual-GPU GTX560 card. Which offers a lot of performance at a far better price.
    But these are just rumors of course. Anyway, have a peek at the photo's below.
    Via: Guru 3D

  • Logitech Z906 Speakers

    Ο διάδοχος των Logitech Z-5500 είναι εδώ και ακο

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