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Nuclear Dawn [FPS//RTS]


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Play as a soldier in a war-torn post-apocalyptic landscape, modelled on modern cities, and take the fight to your enemies as armoured, assault or stealth infantry, using various weapons and loadouts to accomplish your objectives. The first person shooter action in Nuclear Dawn is hard, fast and unforgiving, with weapons that rely on skill and tactics more than on twitch reflexes and map memorization.

Ενας μοναδικος συνδιασμος FPS με RTS!

Χρησιμοποιει Source Engine και φαινεται εξαιρετικα ενδιαφερον.

Πριν λιγες μερες κυκλοφορησε μεσω Steam σε πολυ καλη τιμη (20€)



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvJfkPSV_mY]Nuclear Dawn: Launch Trailer - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eueXAwuGm2k]Nuclear Dawn Modern Combat Rising - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdS5PysJY3c]Nuclear Dawn Resources Tutorial [HD] - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl_Lwjd2xEM]Nuclear Dawn - Commander UI Tutorial Video (PC) - YouTube[/ame]









Official Site:

Nuclear Dawn | Combining FPS with RTS without diluting either side

Steam Page:

Nuclear Dawn on Steam

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Nuclear Dawn’s multiplayer combination of strategy and FPS harks back to Savage and Natural Selection, with one player on each team taking the role of a base-building commander while the rest run around collecting resources and shooting one another. As might be expected, it’s the sort of game that needs plenty of players willing to form functional teams. Perhaps to that end, a free trial, accessible through Steam, begins December 15th and runs through ’til the 19th. In the hope that people might stick around, Interwave are also dropping the price of the game to $20. Do we have a Nuclear Dawn community here? I’m tempted to jump into the trial and see how the radioactive twilight suits my complexion

sauce:Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Home To Infinity Bear

[MENTION=2162]GruntGR[/MENTION] Ποτε ειπαμε ερχεται η Σαντυ?

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παρα πολλα games πολυ λιγος χρονος, ποσταρες χτες και info για crysis wars mod ατιμε, τι θα γινει γαμωτεν ? θα πρεπει να με κλονοποιησω για να τα παιξω ολα ? :p

Εννοειται πως προλαβαινω να παρω μερος στο free weekend, γενικα ειναι πολυ καλο σαν ιδεα μιας και τωρα με το BF3 ο κοσμος το σκεφτεται 2 φορες πριν αγορασει παιχνιδι αμα δεν το δοκιμασει πρωτα, να δω ποτε θα παιξω καποιο απτα single player που εχω στο backlog ...... μαλλον οταν θα παθει καμια βλαβη η γραμμη μου :p

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Client Changes

* Added teammate player names and class icons to commander view.

* Added player squad letter to name in both first-person and commander views.

* Added backstab indicator for armknives to aiming reticle.

* Added variable FOV slider to advanced video options (range 75 - 100, default 90).

* Added option to disable motion blur in advanced video options.

* Added alternate zoom method for commanders without scroll wheel (hold SHIFT + mouse up/down).

* Added ironsights toggle option in advanced keyboard settings (default on).

* Added crouch toggle option in advanced keyboard settings (default off).

* Decreased frequency of structure under attack sound

* Updated German and Russian localizations.


* Fixed career overview showing incorrect unlock level for class gizmos.

* Fixed spawn selection on minimap

* Fixed achievements being earned in training mode.

* Fixed Golden Targets achievement counting commanders in bunker instead of commanders outside of bunker.

* Fixed Team Domination, Around the Track, and Headshot achievements being impossible to achieve.

* Fixed servers not showing in Steam server browser.

* Outdated servers no longer show on Steam server list nor in-game.

* Fixed firstperson, thirdperson, and thirdpersonshoulder commands not functioning.

* Fixed Consortium commanders not getting credit for Sonic Turret kills.

* Increased required build area for Transport Gates to stop players from getting easily stuck upon spawn.

* Fixed thermal vision in armory exploit.

* Fixed class change for health exploit.

* Fixed Steam UpToDate web api not recognizing ND.

* Ported in some engine stability fixes from Left 4 Dead 2.

* Fixed some prediction issues with the Stealth's arm knives.

* Fixed using secondary attack button on knives not cancelling sprint.

* Fixed plugin menus being hidden by loadout menu.

* Fixed plugin menus ignoring input in commander view.

Server Downloads

* Fixed custom maps not downloading.

* Fixed all custom downloads not working without sv_downloadurl set.

* Enabled sv_allowdownload, sv_allowupload, and net_maxfilesize cvars.

Other Server Changes

* Added Motd support (use motd.txt or file specified by motdfile cvar).

* Server hibernation no longer enabled by default.

* Server hibernation setting can now be altered.

* Enhanced and cleaned up server logging.

* Added requested event properties for modders.



* Added Oilfield Beta.


* Redesigned Empire spawn area to make it less exposed

* Fixed able to hit assembler with m95 from Bath house roof

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Nuclear Dawn Version 6 Update Changelog:

Weapons and slots:

- Frag grenades now vaporize other thrown frag grenades in blast radius.

- Medpacks now have unlimited “ammo”. (Still only one can be placed at a time, per person).

- Saboteur’s REDs now use grenade slot.

- Added secondary weapon slot for sidearms. (Weapon slot binds will be reset to default).

- P900 is now enabled for players that have reached level 60.

Commanders may now set a default spawn area:

- Transport gates in default area will show in purple color on minimap.

- Default spawn area will show as purple on spawn point map.

- Manually changing spawn location for self will override default until a new default is set by commander.

Added ammopacks for Support Engineer:

- Engineer has a max of three ammopacks.

- Ammopacks follow same supply rules as supply station, but do not refill.

- Ammopacks do not supply more ammopacks

- Ammopacks disappear when depleted or after 45 seconds.

Added hypospray device for Support Medic:

- Hypospray has a max of two charges

- Hypospray can be used on a teammate or on self (alt-fire).

- Hypospray effect gives 15 seconds of 80% damage reduction to self.

- Units under the effect of hypospray cannot be healed.

Added artillery strike calls:

- Commanders may now enable artillery strike calls on artillery structures.

- Players may call own artillery strikes from radial menu.

- First in-range artillery that is enabled for calls and ready to fire will attack area designated by caller.

Other enhancements:

- Enabled attack notifications, health, and round timer in commander view.

- Added minimap blips for some player radio calls.

General Fixes:

- Fixed squad appearances not getting reset on team change.

- Player stats now get updated when map changes mid-round.

- Updated armblade crosshair to be more noticeable when in stab range.

- Fixed multiple issues with Around the Track achievement.

- Fixed Mac client crash when joining a server with custom files and sv_downloadurl enabled.

- Fixed an issue causing medpacks to not affect certain players.

- Fixed medpacks healing enemies.

- Fixed a case where turrets would not decloak a stealth unit.

- Fixed turrets continuing to fire at out-of-range enemies after locking on.

- Fixed heartbeat sound sometimes getting ‘stuck’ as well as some related performance issues.

- Fixed issues with heartbeat and bloodsplatter when spectating.

- Fixed an issue where players could spawn with advanced kits at round start.

- Fixed issues with Add Server to Favorites dialog box.

- Fixed scaling of MOTD window.

- Fixed being able to stack buildings by having multiple assemblers selected.

Server changes:

- Added oilfield_beta to default mapcycle and maplist.

- Removed mapcycle, motd, and motdtext from vpk files so that custom ones can be used more easily.

- Enabled mapcyclefile cvar.

- Added sv_allow_voice_from_file cvar to allow server owners to stop voice file spam.

- Servers with alltalk or friendlyfire enabled are now tagged in the server browser.

- Fixed medkit_heal event always have 0 for “ownerid” property.

- Added “weapon” property to structure_death event.

- Updated team balancer to be more likely to keep squads together.

Furthermore, Oilfield:

* Additional optimizing pass throughout the map

* Relocated watchtower at the Empire Secondary point, to avoid assembler sniping

* Added more cover around both faction areas, to avoid base sniping

* Fixed invisible wall near the broken airplane

* Fixed invisible wall blocking off the pipelines on the edge of the level

* Fixed props disappearing at the primary point in rts mode

* Fixed stairs to low in storage building

* Increased amount of resource points

* Fixed collision on the large oiltank

* Fixed airplane wheel collisions blocking player

* Fixed ladders not climeable on fueltrucks

* Added climeable ladders for the oil silos throughout the level

* Fixed able to fall between the two buildings and get stuck near the helicopter platform

* Fixed several small issues throughout the level

* Decreased lightmap scale for better shadow casting

* Fixed several texture overlapping issues

* Removed ladders from oil derricks in the playable level (separated model)


* Fixed missing brush in the corner near the Empire base

* Rebuild nav mesh for bots


* Fixed commander able to build in the primary pit

* Added a few extra no-build areas to avoid structures being deployed inside buildings.


* Changed default skybox to Tokyo

* Removed some L4d2 related parameters


* Improved Primary bunker collision model

* Improved collision for the small metal stairs in Hydro

* Fixed primary console collision models

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Έχω 3 guest passes για το παιχνίδι. Με το guest pass μπορείτε να παίξετε το full παιχνίδι για 3 ημέρες από την ενεργοποίηση του.

Όποιος ενδιαφέρεται ([MENTION=2526]Nephiλiμ[/MENTION], [MENTION=2162]GruntGR[/MENTION]) να το πει ;)

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Nuclear Dawn gets a huge Update; lots of fixes, improved collisions, updated localizations

Nuclear Dawn Update Changelog:

New Features:

- Added new commander research items

- Player Boost I, II, and III

- Structure Boost I, II, and III

- Commander Abilities II and III

- Added support for giving default commander orders to whole team.

- Added support for squad-only chat (default I).

- Added new portable Radar Kit item for Support BBQ.

- Places on ground like ammo or health kit.

- After deployment, it extends radar range, uncovering units and structures in fow.

- Lasts after death, but can be destroyed by enemy (will disappear on class change).

- Added Play Now feature to allow quick joining into an optimal server, considering ping and player count.

- Added optional compass display to HUD.

Other enhancements

- Added Game Guide button to main menu.

- Added game instructor tip for transport gate teleporting.

- Players calling artillery strikes, rather than current commander, now get credit for kills.

- USE key can now be used anytime while inside of a transport gate, rather than needing to face it.

- Enabled server mp_unbalance_limit convar.

- Round end team swap notification is now more visible.

- Updated localizations.

Balance Changes

- Effects of armory research are now suspended if all of your team’s armories are destroyed or sold (build another for all to reactivate).

- Transport gates can no longer be manually powered down to prevent griefing by commander.

All Maps

- Added/tweaked light glows and environment sun.

- Fixed several spots where the commander was able to build outside of the map.

- Improved guardtower collisions.


- Fixed getting stuck near the Consortium base.

- Fixed a few small issues throughout the map.


- Decreased HDR.

- Improved collision for the broken train.

- Fixed trains clipping through each other in the trainyard.


- Blocked ability to build structures on the ramp near the turbines.


- Fixed missing spot overlays

- Increased lightmapscales on some walls for higher quality shadows.

- Updated loading screen.


- Fixed not being able to climb on the ladder of the broken tanker truck.

- Improved bot nav mesh.


- Improved submarine bridge collision.

Other Fixes

- Fixed crash when changing certain video options.

- Fixed a case where commander would be unable to set a spawn location as default.

- Fixed thermal vision staying enabled when entering commander view.

- Fixed IP bans not applying to RCON access.

- Fixed case where armory research buttons could be mirrored on transport gate.

- Fixed players under hypospray effect getting healed by commander heal ability.

- Fixed REDs being undetonatable after ninth RED is placed.

- Fixed tutorial noting incorrect weapon slot key for sidearm.

- Fixed being able to use the command bunker console while in exo suit lockdown.

- Fixed possibility for teleport to send player to nearby enemy gate.

- Fixed issues with certain gizmos not functioning properly – Smooth Operator, Siege Specialist, Melee Specialist, Advanced Munitions.

- Fixed glitch on Career panel where gizmo tooltip could appear over top of Achievements or Extras tab.

- Fixed radar structure still functioning when powered down.

- Fixed being able to change class in powered down armory.

- Fixed being able to teleport from powered down tgates.

- Fixed always getting Playground Bullies achevement if clan set.

- Fixed Traitor achievement being unachievable.

- Fixed progress bars for Running Up and Charging In achievements being off by an order of magnitude.

- Fixed rare care where a player could spawn with partial hud and unable to move.

- Fixed viewpunch being applied to meleed teammates.

- Fixed round-end clan achievements not being awarded on enemy surrender.

- Fixed training graduate achievements not being granted – related achievements will be granted on load if you’ve completed the courses.

- Fixed Charging Up achievement using meters sprinted instead of meters ran.

- Fixed some achievement icons not displaying properly.

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