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    It is something that you don’t see every day, and something that catches you off guard. In Q4 2010 a massive 65 percent of all Intel desktop CPUs are socket 775 based. This is the Core 2 Duo / Quad and current Celeron socket. Amazingly the Core i 2010 generation with all the Core i3, i5 and i7, even some Pentiums holds a [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]meager 27 percent share of the market. These is the peak for Core i 2010 processors and the LGA 1156 platform, as the plan is that in Q1 2010 its market share will go down to 22 percent, in favour of the soon to launch Core i 2000.
    Core i2000 series based on socket LGA1155 and powered by Sandy Bridge occupies some 2 percent of all sockets shipped but it has massive growth potential. You should see its presence grow in desktop market to as much as 60 percent in Q3 2011.
    The BGA Atom market takes some 5 percent of all desktop sockets and it will stay at this number through most of 2011 but the high end socket LGA 1366 is present with one percent of all sockets and this won’t change through most of 2011.
    Intel has high hopes that many Core 2 and Core 2 Quad users will finally upgrade to Core i 2000 series and that Sandy Bridge can win their hearts and convince them to let go of LGA 775. Intel's plan is that LGA 775 market share drops to 25 percent in Q3 2011.
    Just for the record, socket 775 is much older than Fudzilla, and we are three and a half now. It looks like sticking to one platform for some six years definitely paid off, but Intel’s future is a new socket every year, it seems.
    Πηγη: Fudzilla

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