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  • Colorful iGame560

    Growing in popularity, Chinese graphics card designer Colorful is ready with yet another graphics card design, this time based on the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 GPU. Called the Coloful iGame560 Ymir, the card is based on [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]a revision of the company's "shark-fin" cooler design, while retaining the GF114 PCB the company used on older GTX 560 Ti graphics cards. The iGame560 Ymir PCB uses high grade components, 6+1 phase VRM, and redundant BIOS switchable from the rear panel. The "normal mode" BIOS runs the card at NVIDIA reference speeds of 810/1002 MHz (core/memory actual), while the "turbo mode" BIOS runs the card at 850/1050 MHz.

    The iGame560 Ymir comes with an optional accessory called "Air-kit", which is a detachable heat pipe that draws heat from the main heatsink out of the case through the rear panel, and on to a small heatsink that passively dissipates heat. The Ymir model uses a beefy fan-heatsink that uses a large and elaborate heatsink, which is ventilated by two fans. The card is available in both 1 GB and 2 GB variants. Apart from the Ymir, Colorful also released the iGame Ymir-U 1 GB and Ymir-U 2 GB, which use a slightly more compact cooler that uses a circular heatsink with radially-projecting aluminum fins and a copper base. The Ymir-U cooler makes do with a single fan. On the Ymir-U cards, turbo mode runs the card at 830/1050 MHz.

  • Forza Motorsport 4

    Η Microsoft επιβεβαίωσε την π

  • Seagate Announces Mobile Wireless Storage Device

    Seagate has announced the first mobile wireless storage device with the the release of the GoFlex Satellite battery-powered external hard drive. Designed to work with any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device, the 500GB [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]GoFlex Satellite connects over an 802.11 b/g/n connection via the free GoFlex Media app or through the device's web browser. The GoFlex Satellite is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that provides up to five hours of continuously streaming video or up to 25 hours of standby power.
    The GoFlex Media app is currently available on iTunes and the Apple app Store for Apple devices. Seagate expects to have an Android app available this summer. In the meantime, users with Android-based devices can connect to the GoFlex Satellite using the device's browser. Users can also connect via the USB 3.0 interface using the cable provided with the drive. Also included is Seagate's Media Sync software designed to making getting media from a PC or Mac effortless. Also in the box is a car charger and a wall charger.
    You can pre-order the GoFlex Satellite from Seagate's web site as well as Amazon and Best Buy for a MSRP of $199.99US. Best Buy should have the device in stores by July 2011 with global available coming later this summer.

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