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  • TEDxThessaloniki

    Ο Steve Grove, Head of News and Politics του YouTube στο TEDxThessaloniki. Π

  • Futuremark Announces PCMark 7 for Windows 7

    When 3DMark11 launched earlier this year, it seemed like the time was right for an update to PCMark Vantage as well. While we don't have an exact release date or pricing, Futuremark has now confirmed their intention to update the product, but instead of PCMark11 we're getting PCMark 7.[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] The release does say "coming soon", which usually means Futuremark is less than a month or two away from the official launch (but don't hold us to that).
    Over the years, we've complained more than a few times about Futuremark's 3DMark scores; PCMark on the other hand has been more useful at giving us an easy to run application suite. (If you haven't tried it, SYSmark requires some serious voodoo to get it to run on most modern systems

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